billiard ball

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ball used in playing billiards

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Mannon also alleges that adding to the injury Massi struck him "in the face with a billiard ball.
The most enchanting section of Ben Hart's act was a beautiful billiard ball routine, performed in silent-movie style which demonstrated nothing more than sleight of hand.
60 (Contenders: Emmy Reality & Nonfiction) A Japanese artform that uses dirt and water to create a smooth and shiny spherical object about the size of a billiard ball.
The issue around airport expansion has been stalled for nearly five decades, ricocheting like a billiard ball between Heathrow and Gatwick, yet Wales provides the only real opportunity to break out of that.
Dubai: Imagine having your teeth forcibly pulled and turned into jewellery, or a billiard ball.
The aluminium billiard ball gear knob and drilled alloy pedals look the part and there's plenty of room for rear passengers, while the boot has a 350-litre capacity.
Sometimes, yeah, I think to myself, 'I just got this sense from a billiard ball,' but other times I think that being able to cross modalities actually reflects how unified the world is.
Orange" also told SCPEC on the advertising clip of "ArmenTel", which shows how an orange billiard ball finds
But it took a further 370 years for scientists to realise, from pictures taken by Nasa's Voyager 2 space probe, that Europa's surface was not smooth, like a billiard ball.
The aluminium billiard ball gearknob and drilled alloy pedals look the part and there's plenty of room for rear passengers provided the driver's seat isn't slid completely back, though the centre rear position is uncomfortable.
Although he was never paid the prize money, he went on to found the Albany Billiard Ball Company, and the prize inspired a major milestone in the early days of the plastics industry.
To others, an irritating one-trick pony with all the edge of a billiard ball.
The billiard ball that strikes another and is taken, thus, to have made the other move has no (empirically) demonstrable productive powers at all.
This is our billiard table and we shall study the motion of a billiard ball which starts from the vertex O(0,0) and moves along the edge OA (where A(a, 0)).
He amazed us by swallowing five coins marked with different numbers, plus a billiard ball, before bringing them back up in an order decided by the audience.