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ball used in playing billiards

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In China and Japan, most of the ivory that is imported is smuggled to make stamps, and also made into tissue boxes, jewellery, billiard balls and other items.
But it took a further 370 years for scientists to realise, from pictures taken by Nasa's Voyager 2 space probe, that Europa's surface was not smooth, like a billiard ball.
The aluminium billiard ball gearknob and drilled alloy pedals look the part and there's plenty of room for rear passengers provided the driver's seat isn't slid completely back, though the centre rear position is uncomfortable.
To others, an irritating one-trick pony with all the edge of a billiard ball.
People envisioned the beryllium atom as this sphere like a billiard ball that just bounces off another billiard ball," says quantum chemist Rodney Bartlett of the University of Florida in Gainesville.
Since an object's momentum is equal to its mass multiplied by its velocity, the quicker a billiard ball is moving, the greater its momentum.
The story caroms like a billiard ball from one venue to the other.
Just like we can use Newton to predict that a billiard ball that begins from a particular position and is hit with a given force will arrive at a particular place on the table, so we will be able to predict how a person with a given genotype, subjected to a given set of environmental forces, will choose.
The sac consisted of two components, and their appearance resembled that of a billiard ball in a pocket.
Using everything from a steam iron to a bicycle-kicked billiard ball, Li is more than a match for anything the bad cops, various French heavies and an entire kung-fu academy can throw at him.
Stuffing me into mounds of padding and a bald pate didn't work; it only made my head resemble a billiard ball sitting on top of a pumpkin.
Because of this feature, "intentional causation" differs dramatically from billiard ball or Humean causation: "intentions are causally self-referential.
I made the rack out of the games' setup triangle (purchased from a sporting goods store), green felt (from a fabric store), and colorful billiard ball drawer pulls (from a specialty hardware store).
He was trying to find a substitute for billiard ball ivory, which was coming into short supply.
In this case, "The interaction of an electron or hole with the perfect lattice creates a potential well that traps the charge, just as a deformation of a thin rubber film would trap a billiard ball," explained Prof.