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a long-handled saw with a curved blade


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Brendan Monagle from the Inishowen Co-op told the Irish Daily Mirror: "We sold out of shafts for pickaxes and billhooks.
The practical effects of these differences are (or were) manifest in all sorts of ways, from the greater variety and excellence of livestock breeds in Britain (until farmers were forced to abandon them) to the comparative clumsiness of traditional implements like mattocks and billhooks in France.
She incorporates disguised literacy and numeracy in exciting challenges of lighting the fire circle, making smores and using saws and billhooks to cut and split wood to make stools.
The English were much more comfortable with the 5ft billhooks they used for farming, and sliced off the business end of the Scots pikes before wading into the bogged-down Scottish ranks.
Pole lathes, shave horses and billhooks - a demonstration of traditional woodland crafts at Sheldon Country Park, Old Rectory Farm, Ragley Drive, Church Road, Sheldon, 2-4pm.
Here, in the plush pastures of the Vale, the Royalists, most of them farm labourers armed only with scythes and billhooks, were annihilated.
Lt-Col Knox prudently retreating with his few soldiers (and all the wealthier classes) met Lord Cawdor coming the other way with his few men backed by peasants armed with mattocks, spades, pitchforks, billhooks and straightened scythes.
People might be surprised to learn that such items are to be found in the auction house, but all manner of pincers, billhooks, scythes, grafters, hatchets and pruners turn up from time to time.
Mainly I use the felling axe, snedding axe, side axe, saws, billhooks, slasher, froe or riving axe, adze and a drawknife.