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a long-handled saw with a curved blade


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If Roman viticulturists in Britain were not using the falx vinitoria, it is probable that small, sharpened reaping-hooks and billhooks were used instead.
At least with" our billhooks we were not massacring the rag-bag hedges.
And she shows pupils how to build fires, use saws and billhooks, and compose rap songs, giving them a lifelong love of the outdoors and providing skills for life.
The battle turned into a rout as the French knights in heavy armour were cut down by the English using billhooks and hatchets.
After two days of using bow saws, billhooks, loppers and square lashings our structure was finished.
The team also used billhooks, a tool used in traditional woodland management.
RANGER CAMP A PRACTICAL conservation encampment will be held at Yorkswood, Kendrick Avenue B34 from 1pm-3pm tomorrow, featuring pole, lathe and billhooks.
Blacksmith Stephen Mather, 40, of nearby Holbourn Smithy, used more than two tonnes of metal to handcraft longbows, billhooks, arrows, the Flodden Cross, an English rose crest, flag, Lamb of God emblems, the contours of the hills where the battle took place and the crenellations of Barmoor Castle.
As a lightly armored, mobile force, they used swords, hatchets, mallets, and billhooks to stab and beat heavily armored French combatants who were mired in the mud (see Keegan, 2004, for a graphic and earthy account).
Foci were cleaned with long-handled billhooks, vegetation was cut back, 100,000 acres of swampland were drained, and tons of insecticide were spread over the island by aircraft and helicopters (Figure 4).