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a pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money

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Minneapolis prosecutors said 900 articles of clothing and 350 accessories were found in her house, including 436 sweaters, 133 pairs of trousers, 92 skirts, 46 dresses, 58 blazers, 114 pairs of shoes, 147 billfolds and purses and 15 winter coats.
But most importantly, because of the number of people who have been euthanized against their will, people now carry a card in Holland in their billfolds to say do not euthanize me.
So check your billfolds or purses and see if you still have your debit card.
A huge difference in sport over the last half century lies in the extent to which sources other than the owners' billfolds now support, indeed, create, the stars.
Getting tagged with a ticket can fray tempers and significantly lighten billfolds, possibly explaining some of the frowns on faces of San Fernando Valley drivers.
Items that could be marketed include reindeer-hide slippers, vests and billfolds and Alaska food items, such as sourdough mix and berry products.
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Products will include men's and women's belts, wallets, billfolds, key chains, card cases, dopp kits, and duffel and tote bags.
Many give straight out of their billfolds or purses, without setting up special funds or foundations.
Examples of personal leather goods made by these establishments are billfolds, coin purses, key cases, toilet kits, and watchbands (except metal).
Calvin Hill gift sets for men feature a handsome quartz watch accessorized with sunglasses, key chains, billfolds, luggage tags, flashlights, pen knives, and ties.
Market sizes for the personal leather good (except womens handbag and purse) manufacturing industry are: billfolds, wallets, French purses, clutches & instrument cases (37.
Consumers like this approach because it means less plastic in their billfolds," said Maria Dent, VP of operations for Smart Transaction Systems.
Handbags do not include luggage or other accessories commonly associated with the target audience for women's handbags, such as cases, belts, kits, wallets, fanny packs and billfolds.
There's no need to put your taste buds on a budget, because today Jack in the Box[R] (NYSE:JBX) restaurants introduce the Sirloin Steak 'n' Mushroom Ciabatta Sandwich, a sophisticated, hot and hearty sandwich that will please picky palates and barren billfolds.