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Synonyms for billet

Synonyms for billet

Synonyms for billet

a short personal letter

lodging for military personnel (especially in a private home)

a job in an organization

provide housing for (military personnel)

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Each placement officer must review the billets within his/her area of responsibility referred to as the Cognizance (COG) code, a two-digit identifier associated with each billet 12 to 18 months in advance.
The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) has begun settlement proceedings for a factory owned by Bianco Group of Integrated Industries, after the cabinet decided to approve "the issuance of new licences for the company, allowing it to increase its productive capacity for projects to produce steel billet, while maintaining the rights of the state" in its last meeting.
Regional extruders import aluminium billets from China, India and the Middle East, indicating an eager end-user market for billet suppliers," says Frost & Sullivan Senior Research Analyst Chandrakumar BJG.
Billets for use in the extrusion of components for the construction industry account for an overwhelming portion of sales of Dubai Aluminium (Dubal) products in the UAE, the company said.
Manufacturers imported billets (small metal bars) and complain about financial pressure, which may lead to a collapse of the whole industry.
The last of our billets was in an isolated farm house which had no running water, no electric and the toilet was a chemical one.
While Vinnie and Dobbs are well cared for in their billets, Kathleen and Joey are billeted by a less than honest woman and her son whom the four friends adventurously expose with brother and sister shifted to a better home.
Saudi Arabia came first of the top 10 Turkish rebar export destinations at 94,483 tons and UAE came second with 103,846 tons of billets imported in the same period.
The supply of coal petered out and we were ordered in our billets to lay our blankets on the floor and sleep in threes to keep warm.
Increasing requirements on the quality of titanium by the users in aerospace technology and also the tendency for reducing the cost of titanium production for commercial applications stimulate the development of new processes of production of titanium billets.
They said that due to void of PSM billets in the local market in the last year, SR-24, A-36 and Grade-60 billets have started being manufactured successfully by local induction furnaces.
The SDAP program is an incentive for Sailors to serve in designated billets that are considered extremely difficult or entail arduous duty.
The construction of the country's first integrated steelmaking operation continues to advance with the commissioning of a world-scale plant that will produce steel billets, the raw material for ESI's new state-of-the-art rolling mills, said a ESI statement.
Manna Jaya Makmur built its factory in Bangsal, Mojokerto, East Java with an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of concrete reinforcing iron, 10,000 tons of deformed steel bars, 10,000 tons of angle iron and 4,000 tons of billets.