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Synonyms for billet

Synonyms for billet

Synonyms for billet

a short personal letter

lodging for military personnel (especially in a private home)

a job in an organization

provide housing for (military personnel)

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EGA's billet production volume is again forecast at over 1.
3) G [right arrow] F: an officer with a non-Navy funded master's level education completes a subsequent tour of 18 or more consecutive months in a coded billet in the same subspecialty area (e.
Despite imposition of 15-percent regulatory import duty the imported steel billets bars and wire would be cheaper by 5000 rupees per tonne in the local market creating an unhealthy competition for the indigenous industry.
The plant does not contain smelting furnaces to support steel billet production, and still lacks the necessary energy capacity to undertake steel billet production as well.
000 billets mis en place dans le cadre de cette convention, suivie des Marocains residant en Belgique avec plus de 3.
Meanwhile, large imports of billet are needed to feed the country steel bar industry such including wire rod factories and reinforcement bar factories The ratio of imports to the country's total production of billet is 43% in 2008-2011.
Traders said demand for billet was strongest in the Middle East, most notably in Iran, and in Africa.
El Fouladh has an overall billet production capacity reaching 200,000 metric tons per year.
The lowly billet orderly had seen that all those radiators was useless and I, only a ranking driver, not a sapper, was taken no notice of.
The maximum capacity of the machine with respect to the machined billet is 1300 x 1300 mm.
Commands holding SDAP billets are required to complete an annual recertification by Aug.
This would result in production of more billet scale wastes creating more environmental pollution.
Thinning of the wall of a half-pnished product produced by drawing is one of the main indexes of its quality: the less deviation of the wall thickness of the initial sheet billet, the more qualitative it is.
Once assigned to an acquisition billet, officers can seek acquisition certification, said Martinez.
The billet wheels became available to the general public through Internet vendors, DME dealers, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and selected wheelchair manufacturers worldwide, including in England, New Zealand, and Japan.