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Synonyms for billet

Synonyms for billet

Synonyms for billet

a short personal letter

lodging for military personnel (especially in a private home)

a job in an organization

provide housing for (military personnel)

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The prospect of investment in billet industry is good with the growing demand for the material in the country.
If approved by the Gaining Placement Officer the orders are then released to the Losing Placement Officer who is responsible for the billet the proposed officer is leaving.
The plant does not contain smelting furnaces to support steel billet production, and still lacks the necessary energy capacity to undertake steel billet production as well.
000 billets mis en place dans le cadre de cette convention, suivie des Marocains residant en Belgique avec plus de 3.
With some ambitious plans for setting up smelter plants in the selected Far East countries falling through due to various environmental & power supply issues, there are abundant opportunities for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) smelters and billet suppliers from the Indian subcontinent to export to this region.
Batch sawing throughput is around 50 billets per hour, more than sufficient for the regular production requirement of 750 forgings a week, leaving enough spare capacity available for special projects.
The Domestic Demand was Driven by the Demand from Major Extrusion Companies that Consumed 865,356 MT of Aluminium Billet
In most cases, if any of the requirements of a billet change, a Billet Change Request (BCR) must be submitted.
With the investment in the Apizaco, Tlaxcala plant, the installed capacity increased to five thousand tons of billet, which gives self-sufficiency of billet for its mills.
The larger part of the billet production is used in the rebar rolling mill while a portion of billets is exported to some local and international markets.
Rajhi Steel's Jeddah billet plant now supplies the company's Riyadh rebar factory
In production of seamless pipes and shells use of a hollow billet excludes operation of piercing of a monolithic electroslag ingot, which compensates cost of electroslag remelting (ESR) and makes it possible to produce pipes from steels and alloys difficult for piercing.
The patent covers the following steps: forming a billet having a continuous and smooth surface comprised of an extruded cleansing base, placing one or more inclusion masses on the continuous and smooth surface of the billet to form an inclusion bearing billet; stamping the inclusion bearing billet in a direction perpendicular to the surface on which the inclusion mass is placed to embed the inclusion mass or masses into a surface layer of the billet to form a personal washing bar having one or more visually distinct surface inclusions.
Billet prices in the Black Sea region rose this week, supported by firming scrap prices and recent robust demand from Iran.
According to the data provided by the Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters Association, the volume of Arab steel imports from Turkey during the month of August 2010 neared half a million ton most of which were rebar with 302,000 tons whereas billet imports accounted for 190,000 tons.