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Synonyms for billboard

a usually public posting that conveys a message

Synonyms for billboard

large outdoor signboard


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With more states adopting the 2006 International Building Code, Daktronics (NASDAQ:DAKT), the nation's leading digital billboard manufacturer, announced that the company's Valo([TM]) digital billboards comply with the 2006 edition of the code.
A studio spokesman said Friday that Paramount was evaluating the locations of the billboards and taking some down.
agreed that billboards are effective for general brand awareness, as well as for introducing new services.
When I saw the billboard with Zubaida Apa's picture and a message in Urdu - Meri Apni Zubaida Apa Suno - I thought it was a new TV show featuring Zubaida Apa in which she gave beauty tips.
Both digital billboards will be required to conform to the operational standards that are included in the city's sign ordinance.
Coca-Cola contracted Imaginarios Publicidad Movil (IPM), an alternative advertising supplier based in Quito, to provide the 24' x 14' amphibious billboards.
There has been development in this industry extensively as now billboards have shifted to electronic boards and every now and then new technology is emerging which is also being incorporated in advertising.
Bilal Hamad, head of Beirut Municipality, said the capital was "oversaturated" with unlicensed billboards, particularly on intersections which drivers consider hazardous.
The proposal, introduced by Councilman Richard Alarcon and supported by Tony Cardenas, could remove thousands of existing billboards that were approved under terms drafted by previous city councils.
In most situations, digital billboards will simply take the place of an already existing print billboard.
34th Street, many billboards built after 1979--including those on the heavily trafficked Long Island Expressway--are to be drastically altered or torn down.
Curiously, the billboards contain no information asking the viewer to do anything.
Users believe that billboards have unique advantages that are not offered by other media.
Landsberg, an agnostic Jewish feminist, virulently pro-abortion and anti-Catholic, lauded CFFC as "rare and courageous souls" and referred to their pro-condom billboards as containing a "touching photograph.
At the same time, these Democracy billboards have turned up in the midst of a touchy political situation: The country in whose capital they appear is burdened with an unloved and unwanted coalition government.