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Synonyms for billboard

a usually public posting that conveys a message

Synonyms for billboard

large outdoor signboard


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agreed that billboards are effective for general brand awareness, as well as for introducing new services.
Both digital billboards will be required to conform to the operational standards that are included in the city's sign ordinance.
The Billboard Companies make so much money from the Alcohol Billboards that they should at least buy all the People of West Hollywood a round of drinks.
The proposal, introduced by Councilman Richard Alarcon and supported by Tony Cardenas, could remove thousands of existing billboards that were approved under terms drafted by previous city councils.
In most situations, digital billboards will simply take the place of an already existing print billboard.
Banning billboards and scaffolding signage will cause a significant financial loss for many different sectors of the economy--property owners, local businesses, union labor, advertising agencies and advertisers," says Ari Noe, president and CEO of OTR Media Group, a New York-based outdoor advertising company specializing in wallscapes and bulletins.
A representative from Eller Media, one of the largest billboard companies in the world, called the advertising agency that had created the messages and offered to run the billboards nationwide at its own expense
LSN also pointed out that the billboards violate sections 1 and 14 of the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards.
The television "look" of Billboards is all that it should be: imaginative camera-work, terrific close-ups, and a sense of immediacy with shots of audience reactions.
The state's old rule applied to billboards erected along the federal interstate system and other primary routes supported by federal funds.
Not that billboards don't get any play in the papers that own them.
In addition to the 12 mm and 16 mm Valo([TM]) OT billboards, Daktronics also offers the 20 mm and 23 mm Valo([TM]) MT billboards which feature the company's traditional LED pixel technology.
In those areas, there were concerns that digital billboards would be a distraction to motorists and could pose traffic safety issues.
13, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The Citizens of West Hollywood now have the right to vote Yes to Tax Billboards in their city.
IF its goal was to curb the proliferation of unsightly billboards, the Los Angeles City Council couldn't have botched things worse than when it enacted a billboard "ban" in 2002.