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someone who pastes up bills or placards on walls or billboards

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And if he returns to work as a bill poster, his first job will be to paste up the numbers which landed him the jackpot.
The bill poster is situated close to the company's headquarters in Edinburgh's west end.
The bill poster features the line "Get Some Coke for Jamie's Party" above two boxes indicating a choice between "1 Gram" or "2 Litres" - the suggestive choice being drugs or the popular drink.
The second son of a York Street bill poster, Frank first took to the stage when he was 10, as part of the Belfast Newsboys Minstrel Troupe.
30pm) - Karl Howman and Freddie Boardley get caught up in a bill poster war.
There's Sean Connery's fight on board the train with Robert Shaw, Lotte Lenya and her deadly winkle picker shoes, the raid on the gypsy encampment, and the baddie getting shot as he tries to escape from a secret trap door in a movie bill poster.
CHARMING: Mr Platt | |the clock maker with Mrs Cobbit Its residents included the likes of Chippy Minton the carpenter and his son/apprentice Nibbs, Mrs Cobbit the florist, Mr Platt the clock maker, Nick Fisher the bill poster, the Mayor, Mr Troop the Town Clerk, Miss Lovelace the milliner and her Pekinese dogs Mitzi, Daphne and Lulu.
This big-hearted lunacy raised about PS300 for the charity and a raffle and bill poster competition also helped the cash to roll in.
A great find would be to get hold of a Mirror bill poster from April 20, 1912.
It was a bill poster featuring Caroline as the Lamb's Navy Rum girl that first brought her to the attention of Hammer film bosses.
To underscore the breadth of internecine battles going on during this annus terribilis, he lists them in alphabetical order: "agricultural laborers, bill posters, biscuit makers, .
A Manchester printing firm not only announced that its poster department offered "the greatest facilities for the Printing of work of the largest description, and in every style", but also that it had protected stations for posting and display "in all the leading thoroughfares of Manchester and Salford" with its own staff of bill posters and inspectors (The Era Almanack 1888, n.
Other bands making second day appearances will be Bill Posters Will Be Band, the Harmony Hounds, Roy Potts's Five and a Penny Band and the Wabash Jazz Band.
GAME, LET AND MATCH: Gareth, Huw and Damien put 50 bill posters around Cardiff in an effort to find ultimate housemate Picture: GLENN EDWARDS
WHERE AND WHY: A few years ago you didn't bother with this part of London unless your name was Bill Posters.