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someone who pastes up bills or placards on walls or billboards

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His firm Bache Treharne is doing excellently but one time partner Guy Treharne, of Treharne Bell, must also be doing OK because he has mounted a big bill poster campaign around town.
The ECHO marked the end of the war with a famous bill poster, featuring a dove of peace which proclaimed 'Peace At Last'.
Former bill poster Charlie said: "Winning hasn't changed me as a person but it has made life a lot easier.
Charlie also told how the Lotto win means his days of getting up at 5am to work as a bill poster are now over.
And if he returns to work as a bill poster, his first job will be to paste up the numbers which landed him the jackpot.
The bill poster is situated close to the company's headquarters in Edinburgh's west end.
The bill poster features the line "Get Some Coke for Jamie's Party" above two boxes indicating a choice between "1 Gram" or "2 Litres" - the suggestive choice being drugs or the popular drink.
The second son of a York Street bill poster, Frank first took to the stage when he was 10, as part of the Belfast Newsboys Minstrel Troupe.
30pm) - Karl Howman and Freddie Boardley get caught up in a bill poster war.
There's Sean Connery's fight on board the train with Robert Shaw, Lotte Lenya and her deadly winkle picker shoes, the raid on the gypsy encampment, and the baddie getting shot as he tries to escape from a secret trap door in a movie bill poster.
THESE could be the oldest surviving bill posters featuring birthday boy Ken Dodd - even if they do call him "Ken DODDS"
The large find of film and bill posters were once used on the New Theatre, Capitol, Empire and Olympia cinema theatres between 1936 and 1941.
Bianchi's photographs, titled "Women Priests Project," have been printed as three-foot bill posters and were on public display around St.
First, that the figures are discredited and derided if an area gets a green mark, but residents are walking past walls daubed with graffiti and fences plastered with bill posters while they step over takeaway wrappers.
Tenders are invited for dublin bus have a requirement for the services of replacing bill posters on its fleet.