bill of lading

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a receipt given by the carrier to the shipper acknowledging receipt of the goods being shipped and specifying the terms of delivery


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MyYellow Bill of Lading tool also has multi-carrier functionality which conveniently provides Yellow customers with one, central online shipping solution," said Jon Steele-Nail, Senior Director, E-Business.
Since it was launched last May, CargoSmart's Bill of Lading Document Manager has been a success with customers who have printed over 6,000 unique bills of lading and improved their documentation turnaround time.
Star was cited for failing to publish a tariff, failing to participate in a dispute settlement program, failing to follow the loss and damage claims procedures, failing to provide the required consumer information "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move" and summary of their dispute settlement program, failing to relinquish possession of shipments upon payment of the original non-binding estimated price plus 10 percent, failing to prepare estimates in writing and retain copies as addendums to the bill of lading, failing to prepare orders for service, failing to prepare bills of lading in the prescribed form and manner, and failing to have a copy of all active agency agreements.
We've had functions on our web site for the last ten months that separately collect information for an electronic bill of lading, send electronic pickup notices and provide a PDF file of our bill of lading document," said Jacquelyn Barretta, vice president, information services for CON-WAY.
NYK was able to take its new bill of lading application from design to implementation in just five months, meeting management's aggressive rollout schedule.
American Freightways Corporation (Nasdaq: AFWY) announced today the addition of Purchase Order Number and Bill of Lading Number inquiry to its AFTracker(SM) system.
In the case of Transcronos, GTN deployed an integration solution that starts with an electronic "flat file," received by GTN from the Transcronos legacy system with all the necessary data for a bill of lading.
These latest e-logistic business tools compliment American Freightways' growing list of technology offerings including inbound and outbound manifest reports, delivery receipt and bill of lading images, customer specific rates, integrated pick-up requests, on-line filing of cargo claims, bill of lading generation, and service standards.
which allows customers to simply check off their desired delivery option on the Bill of Lading sticker supplied by Roadway Express.
Program Helps Carrier Meet New Electronic Bill of Lading Requirement for
Time-based services can also be ordered using a new quote-free purchase option, which allows customers to simply check off their desired delivery option on the Bill of Lading sticker supplied by Roadway Express.
In addition, special sales and customer service groups have been established at Roadway's major bill of lading ports (an origin point from which Roadway will rate the ocean portion of a shipment) in the United States.
ADS Logistics, LLC (ADS), a national provider of integrated logistics services to the metals industry, announced today that its truckload carrier division, Area Transportation, now offers online bill of lading and proof of delivery documents for all loads handled by the interstate carrier.
TransMex will be responsible for reviewing bill of lading and all shipping documents to verify accuracy, monitor all transportation and customs events and pro-actively resolve issues before they cause transit delays.