bill of goods

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communication (written or spoken) that persuades someone to accept something untrue or undesirable

a consignment of merchandise

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Don't sell them a bill of goods you cannot deliver.
Hollywood is selling us a bill of goods in suggesting that a war becomes good through the bravery and loyalty of its combatants.
But contracting work out doesn't preclude the need for smart people in government: You still need smart people to make sure that the public isn't sold a bill of goods.
At a cultural moment when the Republican National Convention is designed as an extended infomercial, it's no surprise that claims are manufactured and exaggerated in order to sell a dangerously intrusive bill of goods to an unsuspecting public, yet such "2-minute Hate" tactics have not been seen in this country since the hottest days of the cold war.
Americans have been sold a bill of goods that says it is bad to set goals for integrating minorities - blacks in particular - into the labor force.
He accused Strong of being sold a bill of goods by the utility and dismisses Hydro's claim of a power surplus.
Legislators have sold parents a bill of goods for political expediency," said Doug Lowenstein, president of the ESA, the trade group representing U.
Measure R sold the public a bill of goods that gets worse with each new look.
Despite their tremendous advantages, conservatives face a major obstacle that we don't: Their task has been to sell a big chunk of the American population a bill of goods, to convince them that their interests and concerns are best served by supporting political initiatives and programs that are sharply skewed to benefit corporations and the rich at their own expense.
Fields used that kind of slippery language to sell a bill of goods in one of his movies, but there is nothing funny when innocent grade-school children are gunned down in front of their homes by drive-by assassins.
com) Solin states that, "investors have been sold a bill of goods by the brokerage community and they are paying the price for it.