bill of goods

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communication (written or spoken) that persuades someone to accept something untrue or undesirable

a consignment of merchandise

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The atmosphere we've created for ourselves, and we've done it to ourselves -- both parties -- on this anti-tax thing is that we've sold the public a bill of goods," Assemblyman Dorin said.
He accused Strong of being sold a bill of goods by the utility and dismisses Hydro's claim of a power surplus.
Legislators have sold parents a bill of goods for political expediency," said Doug Lowenstein, president of the ESA, the trade group representing U.
Measure R sold the public a bill of goods that gets worse with each new look.
Despite their tremendous advantages, conservatives face a major obstacle that we don't: Their task has been to sell a big chunk of the American population a bill of goods, to convince them that their interests and concerns are best served by supporting political initiatives and programs that are sharply skewed to benefit corporations and the rich at their own expense.
But homeowners were sold a bill of goods that they never had to wash aluminum and vinyl siding and it would always look beautiful.
Fields used that kind of slippery language to sell a bill of goods in one of his movies, but there is nothing funny when innocent grade-school children are gunned down in front of their homes by drive-by assassins.
Americans have been sold a bill of goods that says it is bad to set goals for integrating minorities - blacks in particular - into the labor force.
The nation's schools have bought a bill of goods so large and so ostensibly worthy that it's difficult to acknowledge disappointing results.
com) Solin states that, "investors have been sold a bill of goods by the brokerage community and they are paying the price for it.
We've been sold a bill of goods, all right, and barring judicial intervention, we're going to be stuck with a long-term case of buyer's remorse.
People can sense that they're being sold a bill of goods, and the result is a further discrediting of the left.
According to Solin, "investors have been sold a bill of goods by the brokerage community and they are paying the price for it.
The bill of goods we were sold on Mexico was that by opening our markets with a disparate economy, we're going to create a Mexican middle class.
Others in the neighborhood believe the police should uphold a higher moral standard than the drug peddlers, however, and that the business community and residents of Santa Ana have been sold a bill of goods.