bill of entry

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a list of goods received at a customhouse for export or import

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According to a release issued by the Ministry of Finance, it has been decided to make e-payment mandatory for importers registered under Accredited Clients Programme and importers paying customs duty of one lakh rupees or more per Bill of Entry with effect from 17.
Rate of Foreign Exchange: The existing provision in the Customs Act, 1969 regarding conversion of import value into Park rupee at the exchange rate prevalent on the day of filing of Bill of Entry or Bill of Export is proposed to be amended to a day preceding the date of the filing of Bill of Entry for home consumption or ex-bond Bill of Entry or a Bill of Export, as the case may be.
However in case of cargo cleared vide Section 81 and the payorders of difference amount is taken as a security by customs, but even after issuance of Valuation Advise no benefit is given to the importer with the explanation that Valuation Advise is applied only on current consignments, then what is the value of bill of entry to be accepted against Section 81.
The Gujarat Maritime Board and the Customs at Alang acted very swiftly in arresting the vessel on January 15, 2009 morning and an immediate search of the Bill of Entry registry was done to ensure that King was within the definition of the term 'ship'.
2 Dealer / Sub-Dealer Should Quoted With Valid Authorization Letter Of Oem / Dealer Alongwith Their Offer And Submit Bill Of Entry And Oems Tc And Gc Along With Supply Of Material .
Pl Enclose The Price List / Copy Of Bill Of Entry / Supporting Documents To Established That The Quoted Price Are Genuine And Also Give The Reasonable Discount You Will Confirm That The Item Is Excisable In Nature.