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Synonyms for biliousness

gastric distress caused by a disorder of the liver or gall bladder

a disposition to exhibit uncontrolled anger

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The plant is also used in diuresis, ulcers, asthma, heart disease, biliousness, fractures, tumours, leucoderma, anemia, excessive perspiration, internal and external problems of urinary discharge, endocarditis, mitral regurgitation, pericarditis, angina and heart tonic (Bharani et al.
Lemons are useful in treating asthma, biliousness, colds, coughs, sore throat, diphtheria, la grippe (flu or influenza), heartburn, liver complaint, scurvy, fevers, and rheumatism.
The flowers are prepared to relieve coughs, biliousness and heart-trouble, while the fruit is given in cases of consumption and blood diseases.
Syzygium cerasoideum Antirheumatic, hypoglycaemic, rubefacient, dysentery, biliousness, bronchitis, joint pain (Khare, 2007).
The bark is also prescribed in biliousness, sores, as an antidote to poison, it is believed to have an ability to cure hepatic, congenital, venereal viral diseases and is protective against gastric ulcers as a juice for its alleged health promoting properties [10].
To quote from Helen Lipski's discovery, Opera Tablets cured: "General Debility, Obesity, Bladder Trouble, Blood Poisoning, Yellow Skin, Yellow Blotches, Liver Spots, Pains in the Side, Blood Rushing, Rings around the Eyes, Heavy Tired Feeling, Watery Blood, Wind on the Stomach, Gasses, Swollen Sides and many other diseases caused by the Liver and Kidneys; Headaches, Fits, Fainting Spells, Dyspepsia, Catarrh of the Stomach, Dropsy, Gall Stones, Sore Joints, Anemia, Jaundice, Biliousness, Costiveness, Heart Flush Spells, Loss of Appetite, Pimples, Sleeplessness, Worry, Rheumatism, Swollen Joints," and with all of those capital letters.
Matters began when Lady Flora returned from a Christmas visit to her family in Scotland and consulted Sir James Clark, the court doctor, for biliousness and a swollen abdomen.
To see a horse of the stamp of Master Minded set out on his season of consolidation in such emphatic style is a treat in itself, but to see him do it against a seemingly revitalised Twist Magic and a spectacular festival two-miler like Tidal Bay, with pretensions to genuine quality over longer trips, is the perfect remedy for seasonal biliousness.
Evans provides almost no representative selections from McCarthy's speech about Marshall, thus insulating the reader from the true biliousness and absurdity of the senator's attack.