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Synonyms for bilious

Synonyms for bilious

relating to or containing bile


suffering from or suggesting a liver disorder or gastric distress

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irritable as if suffering from indigestion

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To exacerbate the issues for bemused bystanders, sometimes known as taxpayers, there appears to be little common ground among the various cabals, namely the iconoclast republicans, the mirror-the-monarchy republicans, the five-bob-each-way republicans, and the biliously lukewarm republicans
Biliously Amis scorned Dylan Thomas's enterprise as defined by Thomas himself: 'I use everything and anything to make my poems work .
Fans will be pleased that Edina and Patsy show no ill effects from their five-year layoff; they're as biliously self-absorbed as ever.
Both NBC's ``The West Wing,'' about a president and his dedicated staff, and HBO's ``The Sopranos,'' which examines New Jersey families both biologically and biliously illegal, received 18 nominations Thursday.