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Synonyms for bilingual

a person who speaks two languages fluently


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using or knowing two languages

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Our aim was to address whether the constant management of two spoken languages leads to cognitive advantages and the larger gray matter we observed in Spanish-English bilinguals, or whether other aspects of being bilingual, such as the large vocabulary associated with having two languages, could account for this," explains Olumide Olulade, PhD, the study's lead author and post-doctoral fellow at GUMC.
The researchers compared gray matter in bilinguals of American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken English with monolingual users of English.
Mr Terry James (Letters, June 8) should consider, as others are now doing, whether early research on simultaneous, balanced bilinguals was seeing some attribute other than that conferred by second language acquisition or whether simultaneous, balanced bilingualism isn't rather exceptional in itself.
In Wales there was a stringent piece of research by Prof Virginia Gathercole who compared Welsh/ English bilingual and monolingual children.
Foundations of bilingual education and bilingualism, 5th ed.
Compound bilinguals (also referred to in the literature as simultaneous bilinguals) are developing both their languages, L1 and L2, concurrently through daily use (Ervin & Osgood, 1954; Grosjean, 1982).
They are now seeking to transcend domestic barriers by integrating more fully in the global marketplace, forging closer associations with foreign firms and an expanding pool of bilingual candidates.
Training paraprofessionals for identification and intervention with communicatively disordered bilinguals.
Bilingual education has been denounced by so many people for so many years that it's come to be seen as little more than Hispanic America's slice of the special-interest pie.
market primes Franklin for bridging the language gap in Europe, where we plan to introduce bilinguals and quickly follow up with trilingual and quadralingual dictionaries, said Senior Vice President Gregory J.
This has led bilinguals to demonstrate superior abilities on general cognitive tasks that require certain types of processing - an advantage that translates well into the classroom.
However, most bilinguals do not live in bilingual countries and most of them receive very little support in achieving bilingualism.
Square: "We are a manpower outsourcing company which was established a year back with the main focus of meeting the demands of the Japanese market for bilingual highly skilled and experienced IT professionals.
Whereas on the standard measures the bilinguals seem similar to monolinguals, the retellings show differences between the English- and German-dominant informants.