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a dictionary giving equivalent words in two languages

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But, when NEs are wrongly segmented as ordinary words and translated with a bilingual dictionary, the results are often poor.
of Business Studies, China) aim to establish a triangular communicative model of lexicography that regards the bilingual dictionary as a system of intercultural communication between compiler and user.
To improve the validity of these test results, most states offer accommodations, such as a bilingual dictionary.
The exclusion of such distinctive semantic features from both monolingual and bilingual dictionary entries may create a potential source of error for foreign language learners since they might be led to think that verbs, or even words in general, that are listed as synonyms are interchangeable in all contexts.
This bilingual dictionary is an excellent tool for English speakers looking to familiarize themselves with the most useful and common words and phrases in the Spanish language.
Through our Berlitz Publishing and Langenscheidt language-learning and bilingual dictionary businesses, we are helping professionals with new languages and cultures," Jennings says.
The airline has created the first on-line bilingual dictionary of English for Americans because, as George Bernard Shaw allegedly said, we are two nations separated by a common language.
The bilingual dictionary was planned as a translation of the eighth edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary, which appeared in 1990.
This intelligent girl, one of those "boat people," had her fate "tied to books" and the bilingual dictionary that a monk had given her.
The package is based on two types of bilingual dictionary.
Available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, this popular bilingual dictionary is an ideal resource for everyone who uses, studies, or simply enjoys learning more about these two important languages.
With over 19 bilingual dictionary options inside a single app, multilingual language learners can access all their reference tools in a single interface.
In spite of the evidence supporting the value of dictionaries in second language assessment, NZ lacks the enlightened and eminently more practical approach of most Australian State and Territory senior secondary assessment boards which allow students to use a monolingual and/or bilingual dictionary in language exams (see ACACA, 2006).
Bilingual dictionary for students of linguistics: Diccionario bilingue para estudiantes de linguitica.
Franklin is also planning to offer additional content on ROM-based Springboard modules for consumers such as: a Merriam-Webster(R) American English Dictionary, a Spanish-English Bilingual Dictionary, and the King James Bible.
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