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Synonyms for bilimbi

East Indian evergreen tree bearing very acid fruit

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A draw in trap 1 could work against Bilimbi despite the fact Ryan Moore is on top, soo the selection is FIRST FLIGHT, who was fancied in the Acomb last year and who made a pleasing comeback at Sandown.
But two progressive types look ideal in top weight Red Stargazer and current favourite Bilimbi.
BIL PLEASE Ryan Moore can land the Haydock Silver Bowl on Bilimbi
The mechanism of hypoglycemic action of the semi-purified fractions of Averrhoa bilimbi in streptozotocin diabetic rats.
The plants that were cultivated for commercial purposes as well as used as medicinal plants included Mangifera indica, Annona squamosa, Cocos nucifera, Terminalia chebula, Lagenaria vulgaris, Momordica charantia, Dillenia indica, Cajanus cajan, Tamarindus indica, Cinnamomum tamala, Punica granatum, Moringa oleifera, Psidium guajava, Syzygium cumini, Syzygium samarangense, Averrhoa bilimbi, Averrhoa carambola, Piper betle, Zizyphus mauritiana, Aegle marmelos, Citrus aurantifolia, and Curcuma longa.