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The patient underwent an endoscopic retrograde cholangiography (ERC) which showed a large filling defect [Figure 1] in the common bile duct, consistent with a large biliary stone.
We report on a patient who underwent a successful segment 3 bypass operation for PB after failed endoscopic intervention for biliary stones complicated by episodes of severe cholangitis.
Although ERCP was initially a diagnostic procedure, the vast majority of cases now include therapeutic intervention performed with endoscopic accessory devices such as biopsy forceps, stone retrieval baskets and probes that administer electrohydraulic lithotripsy to break up biliary stones.
Immersion Medical's simulators make it possible to feel textural changes, such as the pliability of normal mucosa versus urinary or biliary stones, that provide important cues on depth, direction and the type of tissue involved.
The attenuation of biliary stones varies with their composition.
Biliary stones and sludge in liver transplant patients: A 13-year experience.
The initial application of shock waves in the dissolution of kidney or biliary stones was developed in the 1960s after years of research by Dornier Systems GBH, a German aerospace and engineering company, and the urology department at Munich's Grosshadern Clinic.
Trimedyne, which recently introduced a new, less-invasive laser device for spinal disk decompression, and is soon to introduce a new laser for the fragmentation of urinary and biliary stones, is a leading manufacturer of advanced medical lasers for applications in orthopedics, urology, ENT surgery, gynecology, gastro-intestinal and general surgery.