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Synonyms for peritonitis

inflammation of the peritoneum

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Postoperative cystic duct leakage, which can further lead to serious complications like biloma formation or biliary peritonitis.
15] Yet in this study, 57% of injuries were only recognised after a median delay of 5 days, with 19 of 25 patients presenting with sepsis due to cholangitis or biliary peritonitis or septic bilomas, a finding similar to previously reported data.
5% (liver bed n=1 omentum n=1) biliary peritonitis due to cystic duct leak 0.
Major complications like biliary peritonitis, sub hepatic abscess or Watt man Walter's syndrome were not observed in any case of this series.
Injury to any part of the extrahepatic biliary tree may result in bile leakage, which leads to biliary peritonitis.