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Time-dependent biliary excretion of puerarin in a rat following portal vein infusion of puerarin is shown in Fig.
Additional analyses using GEE with a normal working model were performed comparing treatment and placebo group with respect to changes in mean number of symptoms representing the three pathophysiologic processes: impaired biliary excretion, i.
For biliary excretion study, five male Sprague-Dawley rats (BW 200 [+ or -] 50 g) were anesthetized by intraperitoneal injection with 200 g/1 urethane (1.
In such children, ultrasonography plays a limited role and hepatobiliary scintigraphy is indicated to assess biliary excretion and possible mechanical problems with bile flow.
In the present paper, we studied the pharmacokinetics of purified ICT, including oral absorption, bioavailability, and urinary and biliary excretion, after oral and intravenous (i.
In addition to urinary and biliary excretion, as to blood concentration after oral administration, the complexed (conjugated form) absorbability of I was shown.
Liver masses, both benign and malignant, received attention, with the increasing value of hepatocyte-specific MRI agents in focal nodular hyperplasia; increasing accumulation of this contrast implies biliary excretion and hence functional hepatocytes.
From the results it seemed that concurrent silymarin administration (four hours earlier) reduced the biliary excretion of trazodone.
GGT and AP will be discussed in terms of biliary excretion.
It has an approximate 4% biliary excretion and can be used as an adjunct to the normal examination, with the addition of delayed imaging approximately 1 hour after the initial injection.
Most likely this is due to impaired biliary excretion of CA 19-9.
We provide our partners with critical help in profiling compounds for biliary excretion and clearance earlier in the development cycle than previously possible.
PCBs can enhance liver metabolism of thyroid hormone, which increases biliary excretion, or interfere with serum proteins that bind and transport thyroid hormone.
Clearly, the HIDA scan provides physiologic and anatomic information about biliary excretion.