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a duct formed by the hepatic and cystic ducts

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Cholangiocarcinoma is an adenocarcinoma which arises from biliary duct epithelium often in the setting of pre-existing biliary tract disease such as PSC.
Enlarged biliary ducts with thickened walls in the left hepatic lobe, and hyperechoic biliary ducts with posterior reverberation in the right lobe--suggestive for cholangitis and pneumobilia (figure 1);
In fact, 9 cases of combined biliary duct, hepatic artery and portal vein injury following LC requiring liver resections have been previously reported (3,4,8,23) (Table 2).
Abdominal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed dilatation of intra and extrahepatic biliary ducts.
Attention to a standardized surgical technique during laparoscopic cholecystectomy can avoid major biliary duct injuries, which seem to be more common in laparoscopic than in open cholecystectomy, Dr.
6] However, it was not until the early 1970s, when Baum and Nusbaum[7] used angiography in the diagnosis and control of gastrointestinal bleeding (treated with embolization) and Burhenne described the use of a percutaneous catheter to remove biliary duct calculi, that the potential applications of interventional radiology began to be appreciated.
Biliary duct injuries caused by surgeons can be devastating--and sometimes fatal--to people who undergo gallbladder surgery.
Janet Burpee, FSS's CEO, stated: "Our FlexStent[TM] Biliary Self Expanding Stent System offers the physician a straight forward solution for biliary duct stenting.
In terms of clinical manifestation and imaging, hepatic portal-occupying lesions tend to be biliary duct malignancies.
There can be a number predisposing factors that can cause stone formation in the biliary duct, such as foreign bodies, benign or malignant strictures, bacterial infection, parasites, metabolic changes and unusual dietary habits.
Intra and extra-hepatic cystadenoma of the biliary duct.
Knowledge of relationship of cystic artery to the biliary duct is very important while performing biliary surgeries.
The new marking, which is an addition to the product's current indication for use in the alimentary (digestive) tract, allows physicians to perform Dilation Assisted Stone Extraction (DASE), avoiding the use of an alternative method to remove difficult stones in the biliary duct.
Type B, a biliary duct diverticulum, represents Todani II, which is not associated with an APBDJ and has a low malignant potential; it is thought to be a gallbladder duplication.
Biliary duct NETs appear to be more common in females and usually present in middle age (in contrast to cholangiocarcinoma, which tends to present in older patients and does not show sexual predilection).