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whose father is a beloved ukulele star in Hawaii and Japan), Steven Espaniola, Makena, King Kukulele, and the Bilgewater Brothers.
Therefore, the most logical way to talk and write about an awarding of diplomas is "I was graduated from Bilgewater State in 1968," and that passive construction was the traditional idiom from the 16th century into the 19th century.
Just as even the most seaworthy ship must steadily pump out bilgewater, cells continuously rid themselves of chemicals that don't belong inside.
In a rarely granted rencounter last evening with His Majesty's Lord Chancellor, that most gracious Lord Bilgewater, he condescended to acquaint me, and thus the readership of this journal, of some of the most important affairs occupying the attention of Government .
What effect might the dumping of millions of gallons of inadequately treated sewage, oily bilgewater, and other potentially toxic wastes have on the reef's fisheries and the existing tourism economy?
Senator Mary Ellen Bilgewater was ambushed before she could get to her Saab.
The facility provides treatment of the bilgewater taken off aircraft carriers of the Pacific Fleet as well as wastewater generated during aircraft maintenance.
Crusted under plaques, stitches of nailrust, bilgewater mixed with the tongues of Akan, Mandinka;
As ship tacked against unremitting headwinds, the crew pumped day and night against rising bilgewater, fainting from exhaustion but powerfully motivated, until at last they made land and ran the vessel aground.
These applications include transportation equipment cleaning, wood treating, quench water recycling and marine applications such as hydroblasting, bilgewater treatment and hull washing.
Her playdates at various Bilgewater clam bars parallel the nearby appearances of Goth rock superstar Tommy Gnosis (Michael Pitt, as impressively believable amid all this film's tricked-up artificiality as he is in the scummy, naturalistic ``Bully''), whom borderline-crossing stalker Hedwig has quite a history with.
Maritime oily water separators are installed on cargo, cruise, military and other ships to clean the millions of gallons of bilgewater accumulated every day as part of their ongoing operation.
edu] RCC'S liners routinely dumped untreated photographic chemicals, dry-cleaning solvents and oily bilgewater directly into the Alaska's Inland Passage.