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in a vessel with two hulls, an enclosed area between the frames at each side

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There is some variance from cooper to cooper on the size of the barrels, but for this section's analysis we are using barrels that are 38 inches by 58 inches, head length by bilge width, when placed on a two-barrel rack.
The system monitors wharfs, ship channels, yards, bilges, loading and unloading platforms and access to perimeter roads," says Hector Carranza, the port's business manager, as real-time data streams by on his laptop.
The Air-Dryr is compact and perfect for cabins, bilges, basements, closets, engine rooms, and recreational vehicles.
There has been an alarming percentage of submarines that have installed unauthorized fixed 'temporary' lighting into various areas in their engine room bilges.
com) announced today that it is going to test its fluids for cleaning bilges and treating water onboard private yachts, and/or commercial ships.
Limited Tenders are invited for Scheme Painting Below Bilges Tank And Other Machinery Compartments For Yard 2112
Solution: Clean the bilges and identify any oil leaks for immediate repair.
Similar arrangements for handling sewage and so-called gray water, including water from the cargo hold bilges, when the vessels are in port or close to shore
SEATTLE -- Todd Pacific Shipyards Corporation ("Todd Pacific" or the "Company") announced today that it has been notified that it has been awarded a contract with the United States Navy ("Navy") to accomplish preservation (blast and paint) of various bilges, tanks and the exterior hull on the USS COLUMBUS, a Los Angeles Class nuclear submarine (SSN-762).
Services for draining, cleaning and treatment of cases, deposits and bilges of ship San Giusto.
The California Coastal Commission under the Boating Clean and Green Campaign will be handing out the products to boaters throughout the State of California for free to encourage them to use them to keep their bilges oil-free.
Contract notice: Depreciation and repair the frigate class 124 "hessen" ap6 "preservation and bilges, bunkers, tanks and cells".
In addition, the issued patent covers the use of Nurture Bio-Emulsifier in cleaning ship bilges, wildfowl, beaches or other properties that become contaminated by oil from an oil spill.
Lot 6: drainage and treatment of cases, bilges, lockers and cofferdams.