bilge water

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water accumulated in the bilge of a ship


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The minimum discharge to sea is controlled by installed ballast water treatment systems, bilge water cleaning systems with a max threshold value of 5 ppm and the use of biodegradable lubricant oil.
You heard a fella refer to something "as common as bilge water.
The company works to conserve fuel and water, employs the latest technologies for wastewater and oily bilge water treatment, and uses strategies to reduce and manage its solid waste stream.
SBI will also assist Royal Emirates Group in developing 10 MW Solar Power Plant in Sindh to help reducing the power shortage in Sindh Province and in developing Bilge Water Treatment Plant at Port Qasim Karachi to meet the environmental requirements of the port, he added.
For if Leslie's report is implemented, many good folks at DND who once thought basic training was the first and last time they would ever have to see mud or bilge water outside of a movie theatre will find out otherwise or be looking for new jobs.
When she rolled in heavy seas a small tidal wave of bilge water would go back and forth over my blanket.
Day 9: Prop shaft leaking more than usual, electric bilge pump failed and may have been the cause of constant blown fuses in the main switch board, fault with bilge pump bare connection in bilge water.
The vessel also includes a range of advanced safety features including a DP 2 dynamic positioning system and bilge water cleaning that conforms to international norms.
Among CostaOs efforts in this regard is its policy banning overboard discharge of bilge water (even when suitably treated) within the Whale Sanctuary, an area of the Ligurian Sea with a high concentration of Mediterranean marine mammals.
The Cruise Ship Discharge Assessment Report reviewed five waste streams from cruise ships: sewage, gray water, oily bilge water, solid waste, and hazardous waste.
Such filters also might be used in other cleanup applications, such as removing oil from a ship's bilge water or cleaning wastewater contaminated with oil.
S supplier marine machinery and systems, with a focus on technologies targeting ballast water, bilge water, cargo residues, processed sewage and gray water.
After leaving school, Byrne sailed to Liverpool, where he worked on the docks sorting dunnage, the loose wood used in a ship's hold to keep the cargo away from bilge water.
A native of Europe, the zebra mussel was accidentally introduced into the Great Lakes in the 1980s when foreign ships dumped bilge water containing zebra mussel larvae.