bile acid

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any of the steroid acids generated in the liver and stored with bile

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NGM Bio's most advanced compound, NGM282, a wholly-owned asset, is being studied in primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) and other disorders of bile acid synthesis, as well as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).
The acid treatment also reduced its bile acid binding, water up-take and swelling capacity.
We also noted a significant elevation in the expression of bile acid-coenzyme A synthetase (Bacs) mRNA--encoding an important enzyme involved in the process of bile acid conjugation with taurine--in the livers of TCDF-treated mice (Figure 4I).
changes from baseline in serum bile acid levels and pruritis was
Semi-synthetic bile acid fxr and tgr5 agonists: physicochemical properties, pharmacokinetics, and metabolism in the rat.
Overexpression of cholesterol 7[alpha]-hydroxylase promotes hepatic bile acid synthesis and secretion and maintains cholesterol homeostasis.
Prior to this study, the functional impact of individual bacterial bile acid modifications on the host were not well understood, and this research provides insight into some of the physiological consequences that may arise from dysbiosis of the microbiota.
Furda has suggested that CS-fatty acid complexes bound additional lipids after being digested, including natural triglycerides, falty and bile acids, and cholesterol and other sterols.
CDCA-treated TPN piglets had healthier bile acid levels, and more FGF19 in their plasma, than did the other TPN-fed piglets.
Each 'physiological' LJ-bile acid solution was subsequently double-diluted 4 times with pure LJ solution, to achieve a decreasing concentration of bile acid in the culture medium.
The possibility of endogenous bile acid synthesis by actinide based primitive organism like archaea with a mevalonate pathway and cholesterol catabolism was considered [5-8].
Another hormone, fibroblast growth factor 19 (FGF19), has insulin-like characteristics beyond its role in bile acid synthesis.
This volume contains 20 papers from the 21st International Bile Acid Meeting, sponsored by the Falk Foundation and held in October 2010, in Freiburg, Germany.
Our gastrointestinal tracts and bile acid patterns are those of an omnivore (like a bear), not a vegetarian.