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bandicoot with leathery ears like a rabbit

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As to the choice of Tinker Bell -- whose words on the side of the aircraft beckon "Follow me to Disneyland" -- Bilby noted that the famous pixie is the official hostess of Disneyland.
Chocolate bilbies are back in Coles supermarkets again this Easter, raising funds for bilby conservation projects around Australia.
The money would give a boost to on-going efforts to save the bilby, which was facing extinction due to continuing loss of its habitat.
In each Bilby Bulletin there's heaps of things to do and read, like jokes, competitions, and activities.
With support from the Fund, the Bilby Recovery Team employed a part-time scientific officer to help prepare the bilbies for their new home, and monitor their progress after release.
ALL SET: Mary and Joseph (left), played by Annabelle Morgan and Tina Tiernan with the three kings (from left), played by Brogan Knight, Simran Dhariwal and Elle Anderson, with (above, clockwise from front) Sam Gibbs, Libby Lavelle, Sophie Bishop, Rebecca Goddard, Mary Webb and Andrew Bilby.
Coles Supermarkets for supporting bilby recovery programs via the money raised from the sale of chocolate bilbies at Easter.
CONTACT: Katherine Bilby, +1-502-797-9588, Katherine@GiveAndDate.
Marc Darren Bilby, aged 19, of Upper Eastern Green lane, Eastern Green, Coventry, conduct causing a breach of the peace, bound over for six months.
ACF's junior membership club, Earthkids, is teeming with artists and inventors, as we discovered when the quarterly Bilby Bulletin announced the 21St-century Holiday Competition in December.
The board has also been expanded from three members to five, with Curt Bilby, Ph.
Passing your local butcher shop, you see the sign `Fresh bilby steak: $25.
Disneyland was built upon the notion that dreams can come true," explained Claire Bilby, senior vice president of the Disneyland Resort.
Don't forget the Bush Billy Bilby at Easter this year.
Bilby has been successful as an independent consultant and was consistently over sales quota while at Walker Interactive Systems, Mincom, and MRO Software.