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Synonyms for bilberry

erect European blueberry having solitary flowers and blue-black berries

erect blueberry of western United States having solitary flowers and somewhat sour berries

blue-black berries similar to American blueberries

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It was Bilberry Reservoir that burst its banks at one o'clock in the morning during rain storms in February, 1852.
Waterford City and County Council plan on constructing a cycleway and walkway adjacent to the existing railway line between Kilmeaden and Bilberry in County Waterford.
Health inspectors found the disease in bilberry and put in place containment measures, but further examples of the pathogen have been found in larch trees.
We investigated whether mirtocyan, an anthocyanin-rich standardized bilberry extract, causes pharmacodynamic changes consistent with chemopreventive efficacy and generates measurable levels of anthocyanins in blood, urine, and target tissue.
DianaPlantSciences, an innovative player in concentrated actives production through plant cell culture dedicated to cosmetic, nutraceuticals and nutrition, has signed an accord with Solabia in which it will supply the firm with a novel bilberry extract dedicated to the cosmetic industry.
This study explores the nitric oxide (NO) mechanism in the bilberry effect against UCMS induced depression.
During the Second World War, RAF pilots discovered that their night vision improved after eating bilberry jam.
Would lutein or bilberry still be beneficial to me?
firm Xan Confections, have introduced the dark chocolate CocoPMS truffles, which claim to ease the pain of pre-menstrual syndrome thanks to two anti-inflammatory compounds - chasteberry and bilberry, reports the Daily Mail.
Bilberry extract protect restraint stress induced liver damage through attentuating mitochondrial dysfunction.
Stuart Williams, trainer of Zowington and Bilberry "We have had a problem with our horses but we look to have got to the bottom of it now and have turned a corner.
uk Loggerheads Country Park Bilberry bonanza on Wednesday August 11.
Using bilberry extract, a known antioxidant and uv filter, these gorgeous smelling products leave her shiny and helps to protect against fading.
He'll probably find time to drop in the occasional homily about how great it is to live in the country while staring off into the middle distance sipping a glass of bilberry wine.