bilaterally symmetrical

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Synonyms for bilaterally symmetrical

capable of division into symmetrical halves by only one longitudinal plane passing through the axis

having identical parts on each side of an axis

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To perform the FA two-factor analysis of variance the values of the XY coordinates of homologous bilaterally symmetrical points displayed in the tangent space are taking into account.
where, R and L are means of right and left bilaterally symmetrical homologies traits [[14]].
Most animals, from humans to insects, are bilaterally symmetrical, meaning that they can be roughly divided into halves that are mirror images.
In the test, the subject is shown a series of bilaterally symmetrical ink blots and asked what the images suggest.
Usually caused by chronic incontinence (especially diarrhea), pseudowarts are bilaterally symmetrical, monomorphous, well-demarcated, flat-topped papules.
After its exposure to light at the soil surface it becomes a green, bilaterally symmetrical, tuberous gametophyte lacking photosynthetic lobes (Whittier & Braggins, Amer.
After 2 weeks as an inpatient, a quotidian fever pattern was seen and a bilaterally symmetrical itchy rash on his lower shins was confirmed by dermatologists as erythema nodosum (EN).
The distribution and severity of lesions were bilaterally symmetrical.
The network evolved its bias for symmetry much more quickly, but the pattern needed only to be bilaterally symmetrical.
They are also bilaterally symmetrical - if both legs are normal, the pattern of one will be a perfect mirror image of the other.
With the exception that the cardinal veins on the right and the left side drain into the right atrium, the cardinal venous system is bilaterally symmetrical at this stage.
First and foremost, it appears 'stone tools' means 'points' - of various dimensions, bilaterally symmetrical and invariably bifacially worked with aesthetically pleasing pressure flaking and provided with variety of hafting mechanisms.
Intended to provide matrices for emotional projections, these tiny, perfect, and bilaterally symmetrical works are calmed by illustration, science, and the artist's meticulous control.
Because reputable rhinologists both decry and advocate middle turbinate resection, we selected patients who had bilaterally symmetrical disease.