bilaterally symmetrical

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Synonyms for bilaterally symmetrical

capable of division into symmetrical halves by only one longitudinal plane passing through the axis

having identical parts on each side of an axis

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Caption: Figure 1: (a-c) Multiple bilaterally symmetrical erythematous plaques of varying sizes with characteristics silvery-white scales over the abdomen, back and lower limbs.
In 95% of cases, the lesions showed bilaterally symmetrical distribution affecting both the lower legs.
To perform the FA two-factor analysis of variance the values of the XY coordinates of homologous bilaterally symmetrical points displayed in the tangent space are taking into account.
Their morphology is very distinctive with a strongly depressed body, bilaterally symmetrical and dorsoventrally flattened.
In the fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) and T2 sequences of cranial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), bilaterally symmetrical hyperintensities were seen medial thalamic, periaqueductal gray matter and hypothalamic levels.
Bilaterally symmetrical alopecia is common, although sometimes hair thinning is all that occurs.
Hairloss occurs in bilaterally symmetrical pattern initially in friction areas such as tail and around the neck.
For clarification purposes, hooks on the distal hook may not be multiple, but rather a bilaterally symmetrical compound feature of a single element.
Aside from the malocclusion, the only other abnormality observed in this specimen was a mild case of bilaterally symmetrical alopecia located in the shoulder regions (Figure ID).
The presence of this bilaterally symmetrical monosaccate pollen grain, and the stratigraphic context suggest that the Sardhai Formation correlates with the Khuff transition beds of Oman and the basal Khuff clastics of central Saudi Arabia.
The MR study revealed bilaterally symmetrical confluent white matter hyperintensities on T2W images with frontal preponderance and involvement of the bilateral temporal and parietal lobes (Fig.
Particularly at the hip and knee, the joint angles were so bilaterally symmetrical that there was little variance to be explained by LLI, or any other potential variable.
2I, J) not bilaterally symmetrical, in profile left side irregularly subquadrate, posterior margin produced caudad with round lobe near upper end, right side narrow, posterior margin produced into trapezoidal lobe directed caudoventrad.
With time it became clear that this second sculpture court was in fact laid out as a mirror image of the first; each sculpture in the first room had a dizygotic twin in the second that had been placed in a bilaterally symmetrical relation to the implied seam bisecting the gallery.
On examination there were found to be multiple, tender, firm, erythematous nodules measuring about 2 x 2 cms, bilaterally symmetrical distribution over arm, forearm, thigh and back.