bilaterally symmetric

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having identical parts on each side of an axis

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After treatment, audiometry demonstrates bilaterally symmetric SNHL with an improvement in hearing on the right.
The most common neuro-radiological finding of Wilson's disease on MR is bilaterally symmetric T2/FLAIR hyperintensity in the putamina (70%), caudate nuclei (60%), ventrolateral thalami (55-60%), and midbrain (50%) (31-41).
3,6) It is usually bilaterally symmetric, and resolves with treatment of the underlying cause.
The second key aim of this proposal is to identify and characterise through forward genetic screens, 4D-lineage analysis and second-generation sequencing approaches, novel factors that act in two specific neuronal lineages to either (a) impart bilaterally symmetric neurogenesis or (b) regulate asymmetric neurogenesis.
In Lymnaea, two axon pairs in the vpn come from the bilaterally symmetric PeD7 and PeV1 neuron pairs (11, 12).
The product's design incorporates lumped/distributed parameters, is bilaterally symmetric and contains seven sections with a 50[ohm] input and output.
7-10] Lesions may be either continuous or discontinuous along both tongue borders, and they are often not bilaterally symmetric.
Identifuing a bilaterally symmetric compound that roughly matches the shape of the enzyme's active core region, Erickson's team subtly modified its structure until the target enzyme's amino acid side chains could bind this new compound in a tight embrace.
Non-scalp lesions may involve the trunk and/or extremities and are usually bilaterally symmetric.
The radiographic evaluation reveals bilaterally symmetric skeletal abnormalities that include Madelung's deformities and limb shortening (Figures 1 and 2).
In all of these patients, the lesions were bilaterally symmetric.
From the patterns of dirt the animals threw back into the tunnels as they dug, the researchers also conclude that the animals were bilaterally symmetric.