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Synonyms for bilateral

having identical parts on each side of an axis

affecting or undertaken by two parties

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having two sides or parts


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There are a number of cost considerations when it comes to delivering aid through multilateral institutions, which may explain the trend towards delivering environmental aid bilaterally.
We have a history of being able to work bilaterally and would want to maintain that.
The joint hypermobility group had significantly larger amygdalae, with increased gray matter volumes bilaterally, compared with the nonhypermobility group.
Democratic Party of Japan lawmaker Goshi Hosono is in China to explore the possibility of arranging for Prime Minister Naoto Kan to meet bilaterally with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on the sidelines of the summit of the Asia-Europe Meeting next week in Brussels, a DPJ source said Wednesday.
Pakistan has invited India to discuss the issue bilaterally to finalise appointment of three experts.
Repeat CT of the neck and chest demonstrated (1) subcutaneous air in the neck bilaterally that extended from the floor of the mouth to the superior and anterior mediastinum, tracking along the area of the superficial cervical fascia, and (2) bilateral pleural effusions (figure 1).
Industry and trade optimize their supply chain processes by synchronizing their item master data not bilaterally but multilaterally via the central pool of SINFOS GmbH.
Intraorally, the patient had an extremely large torus mandibularis bilaterally that extended posteriorly to the level of the second molar and displaced the tongue posteriorly (figure).
com) to bilaterally offer business services to its membership bases.
For Parkinson's, Activa Therapy is typically applied bilaterally, requiring the implantation of two devices.
Additional cysts were seen in the maxillary sinus bilaterally (larger on the left), and there was some bone remodeling.
With TSI's services, C7 signaling-based J-PHONE can now form roaming agreements with American GSM operators, enabling their subscribers to roam bilaterally between Japan and North America and parts of Latin America.
Vocal fold scarring was found bilaterally, as well as a small right subepithelial mass that was believed to be either a cyst or a fibrous mass.
To set up connections, potential partners simply exchange names of locations to be connected--similar to an instant messenger buddy list--then bilaterally authorize the connection to be established but can unilaterally disable it.