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the property of being symmetrical about a vertical plane

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Bilaterality has been reported to be approximately 28%, mostly via case reports.
The lack of bilaterality, which is certain to exist when consumers are faced with waiving their right to a jury trial, renders such predispute jury waivers unconscionable and thus unenforceable.
As it does in women, bilateral breast cancer does occur in men, but the prevalence of bilaterality in men is said to be less than that in women, (1) with a cited incidence of only 1.
In these patients, there is an early onset of disease, a positive family history, bilaterality, and involvement of areas other than the hand.
Bilaterality includes mutuality of personal and intellectual risk, openness to the possibility of self-change, and openness to scrutiny by others.
3) Antagonistic life phenomena are conditioned by bilaterality of amphoter and "playing out the function" on both sides of the isoelectric point;
Initially this was thought to be a disease involving only one cerebral hemisphere, but cases with some degree of bilaterality have now been identified.
The three Southern Highland societies have incremental mortuary exchanges like moka in Hagen, but all only undertake these with allies, and not enemies(12) This is a key structural orientation, as the potential bilaterality of warfare mortuary exchange for any single death in Enga and Melpa manifoldly underscores the political: the fight itself is political, as are the oppositions and alliances within it, as are the deaths on either side which are a consequence of it, and so are the exchanges pertaining to it.
The management of renal AML is primarily based on clinical presentation, the size of the mass, bilaterality, and malignant potential.
Findings on videostroboscopy may include decreased mucosal wave, vocal fold scarring disproportionate to the visible lesion, vibratory margin irregularities, and bilaterality of abnormalities in the face of a unilateral lesion.
Fibrous cortical defect is usually an incidental finding, affecting 30% to 40% of the pediatric population, (49) with a relatively high rate of bilaterality and multiplicity.
Table 1 Major and Minor Features of Atypical Fractures (ASBMR) Major Features of Atypical Fractures Location-subtrochanteric and shaft regions of femur Transverse or oblique orientation Minimal or no associated trauma Medial spike when fracture is complete Absence of comminution Minor Features of Atypical Fractures Cortical thickening Periosteal reaction of lateral cortex Prodromal pain Bilaterality and delayed healing Concomitant drugs-bisphosphonates, steroids, PPIs
fellow eye may indicate bilaterality even when there have been no subjective symptoms from that eye.
This infection normally occurs unilaterally; bilaterality is rare.
Bilaterality does not exclude MCDK; however, MCKD is usually unilateral and compatible with life unless the contralateral kidney is impaired or absent.