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the property of being symmetrical about a vertical plane

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In ways that invite more attention than can be given here, both de Rougemont and Hertz (however differently) bring bilateralism into generative contact with the class structure of their respective societies.
On the contrary, as the multilateral process becomes more complex and more difficult to manage, bilateralism is on the rise.
See Pardo & Zemer, supra note 1, at 270, 295 (examining legitimate expectations in bilateralism and its political implications).
Common interests make cooperation possible, but to encourage other countries, the US-China relationship should include a mutual commitment to multilateralism, which can address regional and global problems more effectively than a testy bilateralism constantly at risk of deteriorating into fixed hostility.
justice's bilateralism concern is alive and well in punitive
Meanwhile, where multilateralism and Doha seem to be on the retreat, bilateralism has thrived.
23) Swaran Singh, "Paradigm Shift in India-China Relations: From Bilateralism to Multi-lateralism", Journal of International Affairs 64, no.
The predominant bilateralism and voluntarism in the donation of funds to support theological education in the Global South has weakened both international and centralized as well as regional structures designed to undergird the development of theological faculty in the South.
doled-out market access privileges required by bilateralism were it not
Maldives, since the establishment of diplomatic relations with India in 1965 the relations between the two countries have been marked by continued friendship, outstanding cooperation and beneficial bilateralism, but the trade intensity values gradually shown a decline from an intensity index value of 8.
The consolidation of FTAs improves economic welfare compared to the current bilateralism.
1986) Bilateralism of EMG profiles in human locomotion.
There are talks of bilateralism of 'exports in' matching 'imports out' but working this summer in Catania in southern Sicily it was clear to me that the 'exports in' filling the huge warehouses lining the old docks with Chinese clothing and electrical goods were not apparently matched by the amounts 'going out'.
The problem is that, despite the clear need for multilateralism, there is a risk of a relapse into bilateralism due to a lack of global leadership.
From multilateralism to bilateralism to unilateralism in three short years: Child care in Canadian federalism, 2003-2006.
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