bilateral symmetry

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the property of being symmetrical about a vertical plane

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less than or equal to] 1), image features also having bilateral symmetry will be enhanced.
The primary finding of this study demonstrates a positive interaction between lower limb strength, lean mass, bilateral symmetry and kicking performance, providing support for the modification and increment of lower limb strength and muscularity in favour of greater limb symmetry.
Previous research has shown that the type of man a woman prefers tends to change across her ovulatory cycle, as she becomes more attracted to masculine faces and bodies, and bilateral symmetry, when she's fertile.
Many genetic scientists were strongly arguing there was evidence in the genes suggesting modern animals with bilateral symmetry [like vertebrates and crustaceans] existed at least one billion years ago.
To rise fearless after parting with the body's inner sense of bilateral symmetry is to understand anew that dawn's scissors of wind, which slice first light into ribbons the shape of leaves, will not annihilate them.
Indeed, the bilateral symmetry of the butterflies emerges from the human face, the presence of which actually subtends the penultimate abstract compositions (Grotjahn first applies figurative layers, which he then insistently covers over).
Sensitivity to bilateral symmetry as a common feature of biological forms is essential for the discrimination of animate and inanimate objects, including the detection of potential predators, prey or mates.
Controlled studies worldwide have proved that organ perservation scores over mastectomy (surgical removal of one or both breasts) in terms of quality of life, disease control, psychological satisfaction, bilateral symmetry, beauty and mental satisfaction of patient and partner, added the surgical oncologist.
Seeing beached starfish scattered around, he noticed how the "fractal" order of these echinoderms, with their bilateral symmetry, was borne out of a random scattering.
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