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an atoll in the Marshall Islands

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a woman's very brief bathing suit

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By the early 2000s, bikinis had become a 800 million dollar a year business, and boosted spin-off services such as bikini waxing and tanning.
SUN-SATION By 1961, ordinary girls were wearing bikinis on hot days at Margate, Kent
But today, on National Bikini Day - the 70th birthday of the itsy bitsy two-piece - here's a teenie weenie piece of trivia.
In 1946, a French engineer came up with a scandalous new piece of clothing for women: the bikini, strips of cloth that revealed more than they hid on the beach and in the pool.
For an authentic surfergirl feel, look for highnecked styles in neoprene fabric - the advantage of this trend is that, compared with flimsy string bikinis, you'll feel thoroughly secure and strapped in, no matter how choppy the surf.
Lara has tied up with 'Cotton On Body' to come up with a budget line of bikinis for the women of all shapes and sizes.
Melbourne, Aug 25 (ANI): Carrie Fisher has revealed that she wants to get back into her 'Star Wars' metal bikini, now that she's lost 23 kgs after becoming the face of the diet company Jenny Craig.
Though there are no bikinis in Gojira, its paratexts do display a peculiar fascination with blazing female bodies, namely, the parts of the body associated with bikinis.
From skimpy bikinis to cover-ups, body confidence on the beach is all about finding THE costume style that doubles up as a silhouette miracle worker and makes you feel like Ursula Andress emerging from the sea.
They joined some local models in a few games of tennis before the waiting media got they really came to see, the girls parading in their bikinis and posing for photos.
Of late, bikinis have become Bollywood's latest hit mantra.
Pick your dream location and get into vacation mode with our travel-inspired bikinis, tankinis and bathing suits, no passport required