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an atoll in the Marshall Islands

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a woman's very brief bathing suit

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Strangelove, I reveal the metaphors of and displacements for nuclear weaponry onto the female bikinied bodies within these films.
Over a balmy evening, bikinied majorettes waved pompoms; a dance troupe in Real Madrid jerseys and referee uniforms flounced through player moves; and a street artist juggled soccer balls.
Is he our man in the kitchen with the novelty pinny - you know, the one with the cartoon image of a woman's bikinied torso?
Shouldn't today's Angels be rid of Charlie--and be able to beat the bad guys without having to spend so much time wiggling their barely bikinied burns?
THE sight of bikinied Demi Moore running in slow-motion across the sand with a surfboard under her arm does more for middle-age than a crate load of Viagra.
W]atching" the bikinied hunchback in "Myth on Mediterranean Beach," "we feel the slow knowledge grow"; in Mistral at Night" the narrator observes that the world is like wind and leaves clashing in it, and that "This knowledge/ Is the beginning of joy.
It's no accident that so many of the young men who are foot soldiers of Islamic fundamentalism are reared in womanless religious schools, or that Osama bin Laden's recruiting video features bikinied Western women as symbols of the enemy.
Bitter End is more family than anything else, though that does not prevent my son quickly finding a blonde, bikinied friend.
But the closest Slave comes to winning itself a place in the sleaze dungeon is a couple of cages for leather- bikinied babes to gyrate in.
There were plenty of real-estate wizards who-touted theft secrets to wealth on TV, but I was most fascinated by Tom Vu, the Vietnamese immigrant who clawed his way up from refugee camps to lavish Florida mansions and yachts filled with gorgeous bikinied babes.
They would expect me to have 40 gorgeous bikinied women feeding me grapes in a rock-'n'-roll resort in Mexico: you know, the typical jet set playboy image.
Macy's, though he'd rather retire and open a day spa), bad cops, bikinied Heal-the-Bay babes and more congregate for a crazily complicated climax on and around the Santa Monica Pier.
After several moments of frivolity between Manny (Steven Bauer) and a bikinied blonde on the street below, the camera returns to Angel (Pepe Serna)'s head half sawed off, accompanied by the obligatory splatter effects.
His desk sat facing the bikinied cowgirl, bust-high.
Story ranges from Noriega enduring Swiss doctor's skin treatments for his nasty acne condition (subsequent bandaging is absurd yet real, a perfect visual icon for entire pic) to lecturing at, of all places, Harvard, while we're let in on hilarious late-night confabs with Fidel Castro (Michael Sorich) and a perfectly dramatized scene on a yacht where Noriega argues with Oliver North (Edward Edwards) while entertaining bikinied babes.