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Soho Square bigwigs have ruled the trio will never be put forward by the English FA, should any of them 'do a Millwall' and qualify for the UEFA Cup.
Earlier this year, Edwards attended the Bilderberg conference, a secret gathering of political and monied bigwigs from the United States and Europe.
Figure Skating Assocation and, consequently my battered address book includes the numbers for Peggy Fleming, Dick Button's office, Brian Boitano and coach-manager Linda Leaver, Nancy Kerrigan and agent (and now husband) Jerry Solomon, as well as various USFSA bigwigs.
99 paperback) pits testy gardening writer Zinnia Peasmore and her American niece against village bigwigs who want to turn her exquisite quarry garden into a landfill site.
After rubbing elbows with celebrities, Hollywood bigwigs, wanna-be Hollywood bigwigs, Playmates, and of course Hef himself, my friend Tasha and I perched on the far side of the lawn, failing to notice that Pamela Anderson and friends were standing about five feet to our right.
The pathetic travesty of corporate bigwigs fattening themselves at the company trough needs no further elaboration here.
While the legal wrangling may have gossip appeal in the real estate industry -- the Edgewater Point neighborhood is a virtual "Who's Who" of industry bigwigs -- it is also attracting the attention of legal observers.
That's why oil tanker industry bigwigs spent millions to lobby against mandates for double-hulled tankers, those with a second metal skin to contain spills.
In Pyhajarvi, their almost butoh-esque glamour routine was cleverly staged on the steps of the town hall with all the area politicians and bigwigs in attendance.
Wall Street bigwigs may cheer online learning, but the rest of the world has other priorities.
Individual investors may not have the same strength in number of shares as institutional investors or mutual fund managers, but companies don't dismiss their recommendations, even though corporate bigwigs may not always implement them.
The Bigwigs panel is open to exhibit-only and full conference registrants.
Many Labour voters are unhappy that Alistair Darling, Johann Lamont and other party bigwigs have thrown in their lot with the Tories to campaign for continued London rule.
Why else would city bigwigs fritter away more than quarter of a million pounds on outside "Public Relations" firms, when they already employ 10 press officers of their own?