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Through Bigwig Book Reports, executives will give book reports in a more user friendly tone that middle school students can understand and will hopefully be a very positive and lasting image for them as they grow older.
Young Bigwig was again short of room last time out but is nicely boxed in stall nine for a run up the far rails.
com's new broadband network, The Luxury Network(TM), will feature the Internet's first luxury content and e-commerce site -- The BigWig Luxury Channels -- showcasing luxury auctions, luxury shopping and luxury lifestyles.
Bigwig Races LLC was formed to create valuable sponsorship and promotional opportunities for businesses of all sizes by professionally producing 5K and 10K races.
In a public letter to Telefilm bigwig Richard Stursberg dated September 15, Montreal World Film Festival (MWFF) director and notorious crank Serge Losique lashed out at the federal film funding body's patronage of festivals in Canada.
But bigwig scientists aren't the only ones who can publish their work.
Even tethered, a blue bigwig stakes out a territory and will defend females within it against other courting males (lower right).
It would have been bad enough had our required presentation been given just to our peers, but the camp boss, Sonny Perrin, was always in attendance, and invariably some bigwig or another dropped in form headquarters to "see how the boys are doing.
com)-- Bigwig Races, a Colorado Springs-based promoter of 5K and 10K races, released the details today of a contest to determine the design of the t-shirt that will be used for its Hams and Hamstrings 5K race planned for April 20.
KARACHI, December 21, 2009 (Balochistan Times): PPP information secretary Fouzia Wahab has said that list-carrying names of NRO beneficiaries will be issued within two days and masses would be astonished to hear and see that the bigwig and influential investors are also among the NRO beneficiaries.
The death of Wall Street bigwig Lionel Pincus this weekend has left those close to him embroiled in a feud over his estate.
Mochudi Centre Chiefs bigwig Earnest Molome now stands accused of an assault on photo journalist Kebofhe Mathe.
What a shame some besuited bigwig didn't have the same idea three years ago.
Television's Mr Nasty, Simon Cowell, has left a South Wales karaoke singer furious - and calling for the music bigwig to lose his job.
But in this book, the only person of color we hear from is a female physician with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who was a bigwig with the United States Agency for International Development and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before she went west.