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being among the leaders in one's field

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The five men, all natives of Zamboanga City, were targeted after being identified as bigtime sources of narcotics peddled across Camanava (Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela), Tomas said.
Arranged by Nancy and Randall Faber, each book is a collection of 11 pieces at a specific level (2B, 3A-3B and 4) from various genres, selected from the ChordTime to BigTime library.
Dimitris Papazisis, CEO of BigTime, said, "I very much look forward to working with Dr Beckmann-Kunz.
Caller: "Yewantae getrapolis doonmascheme anlif they bigtime wackybacky dealinpunters.
It's up to them now - whether they get all Billy Bigtime and start walking around the town centre with the toilet bag under their arm and a pebble in their shoe, thinking they've arrived or whether they get their heads down.
Here, she liked the Lottie in Guilded Goddess (gold), passing on Raven Black, Bigtime Red, and Spotlight White.
Named 'Kenny Belaey's Bigtime Trial Adventure', the show was aired on Extreme Sports Channel in Europe, Africa and the UAE in 2009.
Set in the 1940s, the show tells the story of how small-town gambler Nathan Detroit bets his bigtime pal Sky Masterson he cannot make the next woman he sees fall in love with him.
With "Catherine Opie: American Photographer," ([right arrow]) a solo retrospective at New York City's Guggenheim Museum, it's clear the lesbian lenser has hit the bigtime.
So Goes the Nation") cut gracefully between Arian's bigtime auditions, which are the very definition of pressure, and interviews with vets Donna McKechnie (the original Cassie) and Baayork Lee (the original Connie, and the revival's dance captain).
He finally hit the bigtime himself in the 1970s and later went into theatre, playing West End and National theatre tours, starring as Jesus in Godspell, Uriah Heap in David Copper-filed and The Maquis of Queensbury in Oscar Wilde.
As documented by the Drake Group (see related story, Page 5) and many others, bigtime college sports--by which we mean Division I basketball and football--is a scandal.
Never a Billy Bigtime, John Tudor began his soccer career while holding down a variety of jobs in everyday life.
The star of the two big money -earners Independence Day and the Men In Black movies - first hit the bigtime as rapper Fresh Prince then went on to star in the smash TV comedy Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air.