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a word that is written with two letters in an alphabetic writing system

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4% of 676 possible bigrams including 31 (20%) of 156 vowel-containing bigrams, 43 (28%) with the other PAs listed below.
Unigram, bigram and a combination of these two have been used to extract features of movie reviews by Pang [37].
The topics 7, 13, and 17 contain topic components or bigram terms that relate to different ways of obesity prevention: calorie diet, calorie burn, obesity program, eating habit, eat rule, obesity awareness, weight loss, body mass, program prevent, eat salad, food stamp, achieve healthy, fight obesity, health news, avoid holiday, burn calorie, curb weight, food industry, avoid weight, food desert, and health center.
In the information retrieval field, bigram indexing has been found to be robust to small typographical errors in documents.
An analysis of the locative trigrams ka kua ga and ka kua go, preceded by a discussion of the bigram ka kua
Indeed, if we take the example of Sports' topic that includes the two terms: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "ball" and [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "foot" which frequencies are respectively 1148 and 898, we will clearly see that they are usually found as bigram [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "foot ball".
Ethikos, which focuses on ethics and compliance issues in business, tracked the frequency of the bigram "business ethics" in books published between 1500 and 2008.
An analysis of the locative trigrams ka mo ga and ka mo go, preceded by a discussion of the bigram ka mo
In this experiment, we apply the semantic clustering approach only for noun-noun bigram MWEs; however we believe that it can be extended to any types of MWEs.
I reported on my research on polyphonic ciphers, in which the object was to assign the 26 letters of the alphabet to ten symbols (the digits 0 through 9) in such a way that one could most readily reconstruct the original text from the digital stream by replacing each pair of two successive digits with its most likely letter bigram.
The bigram and trigram models incorporate AAMT preferred style of terminology expression, eliminate most contextual errors and include the latest medications, equipment, procedures and medical terminology by specialty.
Bigram features--concatenations of the previously described features computed for two consecutive tokens: word bigram, lemma bigram, POS bigram, shape bigram, and cases bigram.
finds the appropriate synset of a polysemous word w in document d; be also w may be also a bigram 2: C [left arrow] {[w.
For example, if we have a bigram 'player scores', then we create a list of all possible forms: 'player scores', 'player score', 'players score', etc.
The following examples illustrate that a bigram consisting of a vowel and a consonant (or the reverse) can represent [e]: