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Synonyms for bigoted

Synonyms for bigoted

not tolerant of the beliefs or opinions of others, for example

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blindly and obstinately attached to some creed or opinion and intolerant toward others

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Leyden advised students to speak out against racial slurs or bigoted comments.
Gays have been accused of "choosing a contemptible lifestyle," while in reality the "choosers" are those individuals who have, as evidenced by their Bible, selected a bigoted, homophobic, pro-slavery religion as being compatible with their belief systems.
WELL done for exposing the BNP's bigoted stupidity in walking out of their own Christmas party after they mistakenly booked a black DJ (Daily Mirror, December 6).
Such are the intellectual back flips of the bigoted mind.
I find it very difficult to feel sorry for Mary Cheney and the "tremendous heartache" she is supposedly going through with her narrow-minded, bigoted family ["Mary and Mary: Still Contrary," July 8].
Jinky's pal, Ian Henderson, said: "Wee Jinky didn't have a bigoted bone in his body - and this is as good an anti-sectarian message as you could get.
THE boss of the Scottish Football Association has slammed the racist and bigoted events which blighted Scottish football at the weekend.
In ``All in the Family,'' the bigoted yet lovable curmudgeon Archie Bunker spoke of his membership in the Kings of Queens.
As a double minority, I've never had the luxury (nor would I accept it were it offered) of denying my ethnicity by keeping it "private" in a bigoted world.
They have gone a long way towards cracking down on unacceptable, bigoted behaviour.
Gemmell said: "Myself and Ian Young were the only Protestants and if either of us had a bad game we'd get bigoted abuse.
Day-Lewis - in a performance that should have won an Oscar - gives the bigoted Bill a humanity.
If the gay rights position is correct, then the teachings of a number of venerable and beloved religious and philosophical traditions--and maybe the Bible itself--must be rejected as bigoted and ignorant," he wrote.
I know a few people who are in the Orange Order and they are the most bigoted people I have ever met.
The youngster hit the headlines for the wrong reasons when he wrote a bigoted slogan on an autograph for a fan at the Player of the Year bash in April.