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a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own

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The statements were understood to represent Mr Souter as a sectarian bigot and a homophobe.
Our British friends would like to put Hezbollah's military wing on the terror list," said Bigot, adding that the "main element is what is the outcome of the inquiry in Bulgaria," he said in a telephone interview with the Post.
For the bigots it's drummed into them from an early age and passed down to every generation.
In a Facebook message that went up after the network resumed control of the site, Mr Bigot said the "very powerful cyber attack" began on Wednesday at 10pm.
And it is sad to have to see the anti-gay religious bigots listed in Bob Minor's column (Minor Details).
She further stated that both the mainstream political parties of the country have decided to let the bigot be bigot, so the incumbent will not bother to held discussions over it at the parliaments forum.
Elsewhere in the Dreher interview, Gallagher states: "Same-sex marriage is founded on a lie about human nature: 'there is no difference between same-sex and opposite sex unions and you are a bigot if you disagree.
If he hadn't shown himself to be a bigot in the first place, would he still have been bothered in the street by other bigots?
Dario Fo, the play's author and the 1997 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, is a "well-known Stalinist and anti-Catholic bigot," said William Donohue, president of the Catholic League.
The latter, no doubt, is the product of his upbringing at the hands of his Holocaust-denying father -- by all appearances an unrepentant bigot in the real sense of the term.
Ernie Fletcher is a Republican, an ordained Baptist minister, a bigot, and a liar.
Sociologist Robert Merton theorizes that, despite the fact that many people think they are totally unbiased and everyone else is a raving bigot, people fall into four categories: "all-weather liberals," "reluctant liberals," "timid bigots" and "all-weather bigots.
If you have not studied other belief systems nor compared your own beliefs to them, you are by definition a bigot.
That does not, therefore, make him a bigot, let alone someone of the same mold as those who once fed gay persons to dogs or burned them at the stake.
A "pedant, bigot and brute," though eventually useful to the cause of liberty.