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a Polish stew of cabbage and meat

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Thus, Bigos replaced one of them, Matt Pelech, in the defensive rotation
Bigos was Worcester's only healthy scratch as the Sharks lost Bracken Kearns to San Jose on an emergency recall.
A stew of fresh and preserved cabbage, pork, sausage and dried mushrooms, bigos is sweetened with pitted prunes and sometimes apple.
The team, which has been preparing the company for an expansion phase, will remain in their current positions as follows: Mike Kucharski, Chief Executive Officer, Paul Ameis, Chief Operating Officer, and Bob Bigos, Chief Financial Officer.
It was a continuing round of kasha with the Russians, bigos with the Poles, gulyas with the Hungarians, mamaliga with the Romanians, knedlicky with the Czechs, and shopska salata with the Bulgarians.
Dunblane's Katie Gater lost 7-5 6-2 to Polish qualifier Paulina Bigos in the first round at Williamsburg, USA.
On May 7-9, Gedimino Avenue will be turned into the longest restaurant in Europe--crowds of people will come to taste Lithuanian, Belgian, Italian (the latter is especially symbolic because several days ago, Vilnius became the official twin city of Sicilian Palermo, and this fact, of course, provokes some jokes about a possible increase in mafia cooperation) and other EU countries' specialties--Vilnius restaurants of various cuisines will have their outdoor kitchens-kiosks-restaurants there: Belgian monastery-made beer on tap, Polish stew named bigos and, of course, Lithuanian potato dumplings cepelinai are already traditional food for Europe Day on Vilnius' main avenue.
Is this because a) our economy is in so dire a state that the Poles have gone home leaving a mountain of uneaten mizeria, bigos, zrazy and szarlotka?
It can also be used to make a traditional dish called Bigos, or Traditional Hunters Stew.
So grab a glass of vodka and a bowl of bigos and say 'Na zdrowie
While Corned Beef and Cabbage still ranks among Ireland's most popular national dishes, the sumptuous aroma of boiled, baked or grilled kielbasa wafting from the traditional Polish dishes of Bigos and Bialy Barszcz are increasingly in the air in fire these days.
QUIZ OF THE DAY: 1 Somerset; 2 They were all born in India; 3 The leek; 4 Shirley MacLaine; 5 La Marseillaise; 6 Tramlines; 7 Bigos - a strew of cabbage and meat; 8 Classic FM; 9 Mastermind; 10 Dutch.
Tesco's bestselling Polish products include Borscht soup Bigos, Poland's national dish made from pickled white cabbage, pork or venison and sausage, and Polish Jaffa Cakes.
Best selling items are the thin pasta Lubelski Makeron Domowy, buckwheat Kasza Gryczana, the pork sausage Kielbasa, and Bigos ready meals.
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