bighorn sheep

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wild sheep of mountainous regions of western North America having massive curled horns

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Like Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, this creature resides only in the Sierras' high peaks.
1997), that mule deer are an unlikely source of Psoroptes mites that infest bighorn sheep inhabiting the San Bernardino Mountains.
During years with above-average rainfall, bighorn sheep consumed 0.
During 2008-2010, epizootic pneumonia of bighorn sheep was detected in at least 5 western US states.
The recovery of bighorn sheep in the Sky Islands [in the Southwest] and mountains of West Texas is nothing short of extraordinary.
They point out that in a system like that of bighorn sheep where there is strong competition among the males for impregnating females, large size and high dominance status are normally key factors in a male's success.
Translocations into former habitat have been widely used to restore extirpated populations of bighorn sheep (Krausman 2000), and transplants account for >50% of all present-day populations of bighorn sheep (Bailey 1990).
Experiences such as this one helped prepare Espinosa for his current job as coordinator of bighorn sheep programs at CEMEX, the Mexico-based international cement company.
Seeing a desert bighorn sheep in the wild was as exciting for them as seeing the endangered argali (a large Asian bighorn sheep) had been for us when we had the opportunity to visit China the previous year.
Desert bighorn sheep sipped from the river-one of only two stretches of the Mojave River with year-round water-and desert tortoises roamed nearby.
The stakes are high: herds of elk and bighorn sheep, millions of board-feet of spruce and fir, and enough water to irrigate hundreds of square miles.
With respect to "ending war in the twenty-first century," it seems to me that war is as natural as two bighorn sheep butting heads.
Commissioners declared that the county had jurisdiction over federal lands within its boundaries "and any federal action, like restricting grazing in Hells Canyon National Recreation Area to protect bighorn sheep, could be ruled null and void by them .
The centrosaurus may have even used them to push each other around in battles over females just as Bighorn sheep rams do today.
Tenders are invited for request for proposal (rfp) helicopter capture of rocky mountain & california bighorn sheep