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the quality of being kind and generous

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I can recall the decision of former Chief Justice Afzal Zullah who had shown bigheartedness and had forgiven a journalist Shahid Orakzai in a contempt of court case in 1993, the journalist who had even once refused in the open court that he will not tender apology but when the unconditional apology was submitted on Eid occasion by the then President Press Club Islamabad Mr.
In an incredible act of bigheartedness, Beckham announced that he would be donating his 150,000 pound-a-week wages to help kids at a hospital in the French capital, the Daily Mirror reports.
Pardoning is an act of kindness and bigheartedness on behalf of the Head of State and the balance between humanity and justice is very subtle," Popova said at a press conference on Thursday.
Sarasota's bigheartedness centers largely on efforts to boost the arts, promote the environment and provide services to area children.
This virtue is called bigheartedness at the expense of national interest.