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Synonyms for bighead

an exaggerated belief in one's own importance

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any of various diseases of animals characterized by edema of the head and neck

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Army Corps of Engineers to keep the bighead and its cousin, the Asian silver carp, out of the Great Lakes.
Three species, the mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis), grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella), and bighead carp (Itypophthalmichthys nobilis), have apparently recently become established in Vigo County.
One bighead captured in the Tennessee River topped the scale at 94 pounds.
A 1997 publication of the Arkansas Agricultural Research Service notes that bighead were introduced into Arkansas from China in the early 1970s and that fish present in the Arkansas and Mississippi rivers are "probably escapees from one of the state's aquaculture facilities.
Bighead never dreamed of being an autowrecker when she was growing up.
Arkansas alone has more than 69,000 acres of water devoted to aquaculture and leads the nation in production of bighead carp.
Caption: Author Will Brantley hoists a bighead carp into the boat.
Examples of damaging imported invaders include Asian carp species, specifically the bighead and silver carp.
WOJCIECH SZCZESNY admits he was born a bighead - but says he must still improve.
Barcelona bighead Zlatan Ibrahimovic has laughed off reports linking him with a mega-money move from the Nou Camp.
Expensive attempts are also being made to deter exotic nuisance species such as bighead carp and silver carp from invading Lake Michigan via the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal.
He said: "Briatore is such a bighead he will want to make sure his man wins this race.
He's a real know-it-all and a bighead and he constantly puts her down in company but I have managed to hide my feelings for her sake.