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red fishes of American coastal tropical waters having very large eyes and rough scales

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Skilled Spear Common name recreational Family Novice fishing Atlantic bonito (**) (**) Atlantic spadefish (**) Ballyhoo (**) Bigeye (**) Black grouper (**) Blue runner (**) (**) (**) Bluecrab (**) (**) Bluefish (**) (**) Bluestriped grunt (**) Bonefish 5.
Unidentifed snapper 73 Lutjanus synagris Lane snapper 74 Lutjanus vivanus Silk snapper 75 Malacanthus plumieri Sand tilefish 76 Mulloidichthys martinicus Yellow goatfish 77 Mycteroperca bonaci Black grouper 78 Mycteroperca interstitialis Yellowmouth grouper 79 Mycteroperca microlepis Gag 80 Mycteroperca phenax Scamp 81 Mycteroperca venenosa Yellowfin grouper 82 Ocyurus chrysurus Yellowtail snapper 83 Panulirus argus Caribbean spiny lobster 84 Panulirus guttatus Spotted lobster 85 Pomacanthus arcuatus Gray angelfish 86 Priacanthus arenatus Bigeye 87 Prionotus spp.
But a new congressional analysis of the Bigeye project identifies many serious problems with the weapon, several of which it says "appear to be intractable.
As a "binary" weapon, each Bigeye bomb would store two chemicals separately until the weapon was released from its launcher and en route to its target.
According to unclassified portions of the new report, released last week by the General Accounting Office (GAO), the congressional watchdog agency, the 14-year, on-again-off-again Bigeye program has not yet demonstrated that these binary weapons will achieve their design potency, will function as expected or can be delivered reliably and safely.
Bigeyes were designed to exclude unwanted fish bycatch from trawls during fishing for banana prawns.
Preliminary feedback from the fishery indicates that about 30% of the banana-prawn fleet installed and used a Bigeye BRD during the 1998 fishing season.