bigeye scad

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of Atlantic coastal waters

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However, the most prominent inshore fisheries are those for smaller coastal pelagics, such as mackerel scad, Decapterus macarellus; and bigeye scad, Selar crumenopthalmus.
Management investigation of the akule, or bigeye scad, Trachurops crumenopthalmus (Bloch).
The bigeye scad, Selar crumenophthalmus, locally known as atulai, is a coastal pelagic species that undergoes seasonal migrations and is taken by a variety of methods from shore as well as from boats.
Spearfishing and jigging under a nightlight for bigeye scad followed in importance.
When inshore, bigeye scad are taken by a variety of shore-based methods including teams of people using large barrier nets with the aid of boats and divers.