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resulting from a cross between species of different genera

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The bigeneric subfamily Apostasioideae (Apostasia and
He wisely suspected the odd one out to be, more likely, a bigeneric hybrid, and awaited healthy debate with fellow sceptics--of which there was little .
Systematics and relationships of the bigeneric Pacific family Campynemataceae (Liliales).
Several years later one learned suggestion was that it was a bigeneric, namely X Dylirium (Dyckia x Encholirium), but then Tropiflora Nursery in Sarasota, Florida announced that it had a uniform batch of self-set seedlings ready for release, which indicated this mystery plant was indeed a species which later proved breeds true to type .
Bill traded cycad seed for bromeliad seed with Foster and they had a friendly rivalry on hybrids, Bill producing his first bigeneric (X Neobergia 'Noddy') in 1960, before Foster.