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Table 2 Dysrhythmia During Dysrhythmia During Exercise Recovery Pre-Tx ETT None * None * OMST #1 None 3 isolated PVCs 5 bigeminal paired PVCs OMST #2 4 isolated PVCs during 2 isolated PVCs stage II 1 isolated PVC at stage III 4 isolated PVCs at stage IV OMST #3 7 isolated PVCs during 7 isolated PVCs stage III 1 isolated PVC at stage IV * beta blocker was likely controlling heart rate and rhythm Table 3 Dysrhythmia During Dysrhythmia During Exercise Recovery OMST #4 None None OMST #5 1 isolated PVC during 2 isolated PVC stage II 1 bigeminal paired PVC OMST #6 None 3 isolated PVC Post-Tx ETT None 1 isolated PVC
The electrocardiogram in Figure 1 shows a bigeminal rhythm with each early complex having a wide QRS.
Superficially, this sequence suggests sinus rhythm with ventricular premature complexes occurring in a bigeminal pattern.
A repetitive pattern, or group beating, of which a bigeminal rhythm is the simplest example, has many causes, which include most of the abnormalities of impulse formation and impulse conduction (4).
Her electrocardiogram (Figure) shows a rapid ventricular rate and bigeminal rhythm.