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having two spouses at the same time

the offense of marrying someone while you have a living spouse from whom no valid divorce has occurred

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If this seems like a harsh sanction, this law was a successor to the Bigamy Act 1603, which made the crime punishable by death.
Foley was jailed for 14 months for defrauding the DWP and handed a consecutive six-month term for bigamy.
Summary proceedings were raised against him, charging him with three counts of bigamy.
As part of that trend, the number of bigamy cases brought against men progressively increased after 1820, regularly reaching 20 to 30 cases annually by the end of the century.
The maximum UK legal penalty for bigamy is seven years in jail, a fine or both.
A WIDOW has been accused of bigamy after the death of her husband - who left her his pounds 500,000 estate.
He was convicted of bigamy in 2004 at Paisley Sheriff Court and sentenced to 200 hours community service.
The "couple" were yesterday remanded for eight days by Larnaca District Court on suspicion of engaging in a sham marriage, as well as possible bigamy on the woman's part.
Summary: A former glamour model has walked free from court despite admitting bigamy and being described as a "manipulative woman" by a judge.
Jailed for six months for bigamy in 2004, she is now facing up to seven years' jail later this month after getting hitched to her fifth husband in 13 years.
AS bigamy is illegal in Great Britain, why is the Government paying allowances to men who have broken our laws by having more than one wife?
A former soldier who failed to divorce his first wife before marrying a fellow soldier was given a nine-month suspended jail sentence for bigamy yesterday.
The bigamy charge related to her marriage at Llandudno Town Hall in November to Derek Assheton-Smith.