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of illegal marriage to a second person while legally married to a first

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He spent 17 months on the run after fleeing to India, where he changed his name, married bigamously and adopted the role of a caring charity worker as he tried to distance himself from his crimes.
Simon's mum Lucy, whom Peter wed before bigamously marrying Shelley, is dying of cancer and she wants him to raise the boy, who he's not seen for five years.
The court was told Pearson, then 31, who lived in Wordsworth avenue, had married welder Malcolm Pearson bigamously in 1986 - days after the birth of their daughter Rachel.
According to Gordon, Mace was married three times, twice bigamously, fathering at least 14 children by five different women.
After agreeing with Murrant four weeks later that they should separate for a time, she went to Sydney where she met and bigamously married an English seaman, Ernest Clarke Baglehole, in June of that year.
Perhaps the most colorful pioneer of the mystery anywhere was Mary Fortune, who left Canada for Australia's goldfields, bigamously married a policeman, and died an alcoholic.
He has cheated and deceived at every opportunity, abandoned his first wife and children after exhausting his wife's money, remarried bigamously (again for money) without revealing the earlier marriage, skipped town, and eventually landed a job with a bank where he embezzled $75,000.
Which flamboyant pop star caused a scandal when he was found to have bigamously married his second cousin, aged 14Which playwright wrote the drama The Caretaker Which team, which was the host nation, did Brazil beat 5-2 in the 1958 World Cup final Who was Wales' top scorer in that World Cup campaign
Dena Lloyd is accused of forging divorce papers without her first husband's knowledge then bigamously marrying another man.
3, Frank, now bigamously married to Susan, decides to run away with Winnifride, but as he walks across the fields to meet her, Susan refuses to leave his side.
After two decades of single life, she bigamously married saloonkeeper Henry Teaman or Thiemann in California.
Trollope does the same thing in Castle Richmond, when the question of whether Lady Fitzgerald has married bigamously or not threatens not only the unity of the family but the possession of their Irish estate.
The physician is told that Lady Audley has facilitated her social rise by abandoning her child, assuming a new identity, bigamously marrying Sir Michael and then faking her own death, but declines to conclude that these acts prove Lady Audley's mental incapacity.
He married three times, twice bigamously, and fathered at least fourteen children by five women.