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of illegal marriage to a second person while legally married to a first

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40) Other nineteenth-century writers commented on the significance of the laws regarding divorce and bigamy without recognizing bigamous marriages that never found their way into court.
The 58-year-old former clergyman and policeman was found guilty of entering into a bigamous marriage and another count of forgery two weeks ago.
A FORMER church minister from Chester found guilty of entering into a bigamous marriage has been urged to hand himself in to face his sentence.
There were cries of joy from the public gallery, where Sangster's three "wives" - Frances Tait, who he divorced in 1996, his second wife Jill Sangster, who he is still married to, and Janet Wallace, formally Pollard, with whom he entered into a bigamous marriage-were sitting.
The bigamous ceremony is said to have taken place at St Paul's Church in Leamington, Warwickshire, on July 17, 2004.
Carole-Anne reported him missing, then began making inquiries from which it became obvious that she had been involved in a bigamous marriage.
Prosecutor Kate Iliffe said the second marriage may have been bigamous, because Jackson's deception could have invalidated his divorce.
Long-standing member Martin Walker plays the bigamous father and the cast includes Alan Stockdill, an old friend of Waring Green Players making a return to their ranks after a break of more than three years since his last production with the company.
Their bigamous remarriages, however, showed fundamental respect for the institution of marriage.
The pick had to be when he offered his (unsolicited) view on Shelley's bigamous marriage.
Of the other 49 Coronation Street weddings, 17 ended in divorce, there were 16 deaths, one bigamous fiasco and nine cases of brides or grooms who fled and kept on running.
And he was also convicted of plotting a bigamous marriage to Simone in a bid to get his hands on her money.
Sangster was not present when he was found guilty of entering into a bigamous marriage and committing forgery at Warwick Crown Court on Friday November 14.