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of illegal marriage to a second person while legally married to a first

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He also argues that bigamous and incestuous marriages are considered ''void'' in Mississippi, just like same-sex marriages, but bigamy and incest are also grounds for divorce.
However, seven years later his scorned wife flew to Guangzhou to file charges against her bigamous spouse.
Because of the disconnect between state provisions regarding marriage and divorce -- same-sex couples don't need to be residents of a recognition state to marry there, but residency is often required when filing for a divorce -- gays and lesbians may also face legal problems when inadvertently entering a bigamous relationship.
30pm The good folk of Weatherfield have tackled many issues over the years, from gymslip mums such as Sarah Platt, to transgender relationships, and bigamous husbands such as Peter BarloW.
Based on the stage show, it's about cabbie Danny Dyer's daft and desperate attempts to cover up his bigamous lifestyle.
I'M VICTIM YET I GET BLAMED FAMILY doctor Zabina Shahian won pounds 4,000 compensation after her politician husband tricked her into a bigamous marriage.
The children learn of a bigamous marriage and the cruelty of Josef's American wife, and they become involved in the local community battle to keep the historic building and property.
24 (ANI): Two experienced Lancashire social workers say that in their estimation, there are 20,000 bigamous or polygamous unions in the UK.
This second edition of a biography of Mussolini's private and political life, written by one of the world's leading authorities on modern Italian history, draws on fresh sources such as the diary of his last lover and details of his bigamous marriage.
Following the war many a young woman from Britain followed her husband, with a child or children, to Canada only to find that the marriage was bigamous or that their husband just could not be found.
To search for a bigamous marriage you will need the year, location and the names of wives, if known.
The article suggested that Commander Dizaei was involved in a bigamous marriage to Mrs Dizaei.
The ambiguity that characterizes the protagonist's sexual orientation (as bigamous, homosexual, transexual, travesti, androgynous, bigendered, chameleon-like) and her reliance on alchemy and supernatural events reflect the author's intention to transgress other boundaries, like those of linguistic and philosophical nature to demonstrate that opposites can find harmony within a single entity (good/evil, angel/ devil, man/woman).
He's a good-looking lad when he ditches the headgear, he makes her laugh and he doesn't have lots of baggage, like a bigamous past and a drink problem.
Run For Your Wife tells the story of a bigamous taxi driver and the double life he leads.